‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Schwarzenegger Is The Perfect Successor To Trump

Who were the first celebrities 'terminated?'

The New celebrity Apprentice

All hail the Governator!

I admit being skeptical about whether THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE would survive once Donald Trump gave up his true calling as a reality TV ringmaster to “Make America Great Again.”

But Monday’s season premiere proved Arnold Schwarzenegger — the former bodybuilder, action hero and leader of the Golden State — to be an almost perfect replacement.

Like Trump, Arnold is a bigger than life, almost cartoon-like figure, who seems more than comfortable looking down upon wannabe celebrities.

And lest we not forget that he, too, has a long history of sexually assaulting and degrading women.

(Remember when he knocked up the housekeeper?)

“I plan to be tough but fair,” he told the crop of somewhat famous faces gathered in the lobby of what looks like a fake corporate office in L.A.  “My job is to terminate you one by one.”

And terminate he did, sending home ’90s pop singer Carnie Wilson and some girl named Carrie Keagan, who is apparently famous for making YouTube videos.

There isn’t much “new” in THE NEW CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — same theme song, same graphics, same silly team challenges, same rock and roll drama.

(At one point Boy George gets his knickers in a knot because Vince Neil is gulping chardonnay. Seriously???)

Ah-nold also has two trusted advisors for the first challenge:  Model-preneur Tyra Banks and entertainment lawyer Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger.  Yes, his nephew.

(Glad to see the tradition of nepotism is alive and well in the Boardroom.)

While familiarity allows for the smooth transition from one womanizing host to another, it is hard to imagine that Schwarzenneger’s new catch phrase — “You’re terminated” — will have quite the sticking power as the two words his predecessor made so famous.

But, hey, I have been wrong before.


Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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