‘Unusually Thicke’: New Season Includes Drugs, Gay Dating

“It’s all about sex, drugs and rock and roll"

Alan Thicke and family in UNUSUALLY THICKE

Season 3 of UNUSUALLY THICKE will be “a touch edgier,” star Alan Thicke says.

“It’s all about sex, drugs and rock and roll,” the former GROWING PAINS actor tells me, exclusively.

“We have a same sex episode this year, where [my son] Carter is anonymously invited by a fan to go to the prom and he says, ‘Yes,’ and it turns out to be a dude.”

“We also do an episode where people come to me that want to use our ranch to grow weed and get into the pot business.  We go so far as to do a couple of sample pot commercials.  They would be the first publicly broadcast pot commercials.”

UNUSUALLY THICKE is a mockumentary style series that follows the Canadian actor and his wife, Tanya Callau, as they cope with various day-to-day challenges of living in Los Angeles.

“You start off with people getting to know you,” Thicke says.  “Then I think it is always the responsibility of a show after a couple of years to try to say something once in a while.  Hold on to your mandate of being real, because we are a real family, and also, trying to be funny.”

UNUSUALLY THICKE premiered in 2014 and has featured guest appearances by top celebrities including: David Hasselhoff, John Stamos and Bob Saget.

Season three will also follow Alan as he attempts to pitch several new television show concepts.

Here’s more of what he had to share in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com:

So you have this interesting storyline about marijuana.  Have you grown pot before?

I haven’t done it, but my eldest son, Brennan, is in the business.  He has two dispensaries.  It is the real deal.

It is going to be on the ballot in November…
Brennan is one of the guys who got it on there.  He has been playing by the rules for over a decade and he has been quite politically active.  He also got the Teamsters to take the growers into the Teamsters union, which gave them local political clout.  I don’t know whether to say he is not into politics or weed.  Which is more of a compliment.

Would it enhance the viewing experience of your show if one were to smoke a bit before watching?
I think as long as you are in a good mood watching our show, however you get there is fine.  We also deal with social media haters and bullies.  We have an episode where Tonya tracks them down and meets them in a bar and justice is served.  And by the way, all of those are based on real stories, on real things that have happened.

You are out pitching some shows?
That is what I started out doing.  I was a writer and producer for ten years before I was ever on camera.  Now, what has really triggered (me going back to it) is the resurgence in retro game shows, which is what I started doing.  I produced game shows at NBC for two years.  I brought Alex Trebek to this country and he live with me for a while, while we did a series together.  I produced the first Gong Show for Chuck Barris.  So I started getting calls about “this is your thing.  Are you interested in coming in?  Do you have some stuff?”

Game shows?
I have a game, a reality and a sitcom.  My production company has kind of reactivated this last year.   ABC has gone all in on games shows on Sunday night.  It is retro, comedy, celebrity, game.  It is those four elements.  They are all going for laughs.

Would you want to host a game show?
Not necessarily.  But I have.  I hosted about five of them, including Dictionary.  I wrote the theme fro forty of them.  I am a student of the genre and a trivia buff.  We have game nights at home and a couple of things have evolved from that.

UNUSUALLY THICKE airs on POP network.

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