‘Hollywood Darlings’: Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell Both Appeared In Hot Dog Ads

“Every audition we went to growing up it was always Beverly and I"

Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, Christine Lakin in 'Hollywood Divas'
Friendship runs deep for the stars of POP TV’s HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS.

Beverley Mitchell and Jodie Sweetin — who star along with pal Christine Lakin — have been best friends for their entire lives.

“Every audition we went to growing up it was always Beverly and I,” Jodie tells TheTVPage.com.

“Every party we went to…”

In fact, both besties appeared in popular TV commercials for Oscar Mayer hot dogs when they were just four years-old.

“It was back in the day when they hired five kids to do the same commercial hoping they would get one,” Beverley explains.

“Jodie sang the song and I complained to the bakery man.”

Both went on to snag career changing roles just a few years later — Jodie as middle child Stephanie Tanner on FULL HOUSE and Beverley as preacher’s daughter Lucy Camden on 7TH HEAVEN.

Now they’ve teamed up with Lakin (of STEP BY STEP fame) for what the describe as an “unscripted comedy” about the lives of three former child stars.

“It about kind of what we go through being mothers and businesswomen and being in this weird place of growing up in Hollywood,” Beverley says.

“And how we have turned out normal, but we live a very abnormal life.  There are a lot of funny situations that we are put in and it is fun for us to kind of improv and just have a blast and play heightened versions of ourselves.”

Here’s more of what they had to share in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com:

Is this like other celebrity follow-docs?
JS:  Not really.  It is an unscripted comedy so it is more in the vein of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.  It’s us being ourselves and we are basing the storylines on things that have happened to us, and we are sort of heightening them.

Will we see you at work?
JS:  No.  I can’t with Netflix because we don’t release anything.  We have to wait six months for everything.  It is going to be an interesting chance for people to see us as real people.

Do people not think of you as real people?
BM:  Definitely not.  Being someone who was a child star, people have this very strange familiarity with you.  And so they are familiar with your character but not really who you are.  So we get to be ourselves as 34 year-old women with kids and jobs and husbands and finances that people don’t get to see.

Did you audition for each other’s big TV roles?
JS:  I actually never auditioned for Full House.

What made you want to do this?
BM:  It is really fun just being able to be, now at this point in our lives, to have this opportunity.  And to be able to go to work with your friends and have a friends doing it and really enjoy playing it up.  It is a different kind of comedy.

JS:  And we get to be ourselves a little bit.  That is not necessarily always FULL HOUSE-friendly humor.

Was it refreshing to be away from the spotlight a little bit and then come back?
JS:  I think it gives you a greater appreciation for it.  When you kind f go away and have your normal life.  As a kid, growing up, I never really took it for granted, but it was something that was so normal for me that walking away and getting to come back it like, “Wow, this is pretty fucking cool!”

BM:  And by the way she is KILLING it on FULLER HOUSE.  Nobody comes back like Jodie Sweetin.  I want to come back like Jodie.  I am so excited for everyone to get to see us in this light and to kind of get to know us a little bit better and have fun with us and be on this crazy we call life.

How old are your kids?
JS:  8 1/2 and almost 6?

BM:  3 and 1 1/2

Are you typical PTA moms?
JS:  I don’t have time.  I wish I could be.  They go to school close to where I work, so I get to spend a little time with them.  But I always feel like I am the crazy mom running in like, “Oh, my God, your project is due today.”  I wish I could be there for every little moment, but I make it point to be there for the important things.

Did you go to regular school?
JS:  I actually went to school in the mornings and worked in the afternoons.  So I did have an experience of normal school.

Is it strange going back and kind of reliving 3rd grade?
What is strange is all that kids that my kids go to school with know who I am.  They are like, “You mom is so cool” and my kids are like, “No she’s not.  She’s my mom.”  But then Zoe started realizing that it was gaining her some friend points and she was like, “Mommy, Mommy, come meet my friend.”  All her little friends will come up and be like, “We voted for you on Dancing with The Stars!”

HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS will debut on POP TV in 2017.

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