‘America’s Got Talent’: Meet Kid Magician Kadan Bart Rockett (Interview)

"I would suggest that kids go to the library or get a book or a kit to start learning magic."

Kadan Bart Rockett, 'America's Got Talent'

Kadan Bart Rocket, Brooklyn Rockett on 'AGT"

Kadan Bart Rockett (R) as mini Howie Mandel and Brooklyn Rockett as mini Sharon Osbourne in 2011. (Photo: Rich Ferguson)

Kid magician Kadan Bart Rockett first appeared on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in 2011.

Just five, he was part of an performance staged by illusionist Seth Grabel.

At the end of the trick, young Kadan emerged from a silver Delorean as a mini version of judge Howie Mandel.

His sister, Brooklyn, also turned up as tiny Sharon Osbourne.

“If that wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Kadan says.

“That moment changed my whole life.  After that I got managers, agents… It just started my whole career.”

Ten year-old Kadan, who is home schooled, began performing magic at age four.

His father is popular Florida magician Bart Rockett.

“I have been on the side of the stage watching him my whole life,” the fourth grader says.

“I came out on the stage when I was one day old.  Since then I have always been at the side of the stage just watching him.  I have always wanted to do it and now I am getting the opportunity to really do stuff that is really big.”

Kadan is also a ventriloquist and an actor, and has appeared in numerous films and television series, including the CBS comedy, RUSH HOUR.

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This week, he is one of 12 acts competing for just seven spots in the quarterfinals of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

Kadan spoke exclusively to TheTVPage.com from the stage of the world famous Dolby Theater.

Did Howie remember you from playing mini him?
We knew each other and my mom had worked on Howie Mandel’s show MOBBED.  I kinda knew him, but he didn’t recognize me when I told him.  It hasn’t been addressed on television yet.

How do you start to be a magician?  What would you tell a kid who wants to start out.
I would suggest that kids go to the library or get a book or a kit to start learning magic.  They can start slowly every year to do things that are harder and harder.  For me, my dad is a performer, so he was able to help me through it.

Did you start out doing birthday parties?
I haven’t really done any gigs yet.  I have done stuff for my friends.  My dad started out doing birthday parties.  He always tells people, “When I was ten I was doing kids parties and magic shows at the library and here is my son doing big, live television performances.”

Performing magic often involves comedy.  How comfortable are you with that part of the act?
Me and my dad are just alike.  When he was my age he looked almost exactly like me.  So we have the same personality.  He is called a magician, but he is more of an entertainer.  He knows a lot about comedy, so he kind of helps me with entertaining the audience.

Comedy can be hard.  Could you do stand up?
I can’t right now go in front of a crowd.  I could probably do a little bit of it, but I would need a little bit of help.  I would be nervous.

You are only 10.  How scary is it to stand on the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT stage?
It is not the people that make me nervous it is are the judges going to like me.  Especially Simon.  He just stares at you like, “who are these people.”  He is so intimidating.

So you are not worried that something will go wrong with the trick?
I am worried that something is going to go wrong but my dad and I just really want to entertain people.

Your sister is part of the act.  Does she want to be in magic as well?
I don’t think she really wants to be in magic.  Right now she is with me because she is my sister and it is cool to have her with me.  She is the only person I know right now to qualify for the job.  But in the future, she is probably going to go into dancing.

Will you fire her when you get a hot model girlfriend?
I think I am going to keep her for a while. (laughs)

Most brothers and sisters fight a lot.
Working with my sister sometimes can be a pain.  She is normally a pretty good helper.  We are like normal kids.  So we fight sometimes, but when we get on stage, we completely change.

Maybe when she needs a dance partner for her act one day you can put on tights and help her out?
I don’t know about that.  (laughs)

What are some of your other interests besides magic?
I like to act.  I like to walk around Hollywood.  We saw Jay Leno in a coffee shop.  That was really cool.  We live in Florida for my dad’s job and we live here for my acting.  When we are in Florida we go to the beach and to waterparks.

If there was anyone in the world that you could make disappear, who would it be?
My sister, sometimes…  But then I would get sad because I don’t have anyone to help me or play with.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC.

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