‘The Detour’: Liam Carroll Looks Ahead To High School, Season 2

Liam Carroll on 'The Detour'

THE DETOUR is one of the funniest shows on television.

The TBS comedy series follows the Parker family from Syracuse, New York as they embark on a family road trip to Florida — encountering unexpected and hilarious obstacles along the way.

Liam Carroll of Manhattan Beach, California stars as teenager Jared Parker in the VACATION-like show, which also features co-creator Jason Jones (as his dad, Nate Parker), Natalie Zea (as mom, Robin) and Ashley Gerasimovich (as sister, Delilah).

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Production begins today on season two.

Liam recently spoke to TheTVPage.com about how the show has changed his life — what to expect next season.

What can you tell us about season 2.
I don’t know much yet.  I just know that since the dad lost his job in the first season, we start to learn that, you know, the mom has a job and we learn how she handles the job.

The show was such a huge success out of the gate.  Did you expect it to be so popular?
I don’t know.  I hoped so.

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Did your life change?
Slightly, but I don’t talk about it much.  I don’t like to bring it up at school.

Are your friends at school allowed to watch it?
They are not allowed to, but they do.

Did you end up learning a little more about life than you expected from this?
Yeah.  A lot of weird conversations with parents.

How is your relationship with your co-star, Ashley Gerasimovich?
It is fun.  There are not really a lot of kids on the set, so we get along just because we hang out so much.

When do you start filming again?
August 16.

Will the show pick up where you left off at the end of last season?
During the first season, they interview the dad, but they are sort of interviewing the mom this time.  Showing her side of the story.

Tell us more about you?
I live in Manhattan Beach.  I like to surf.  I was at the beach today and got a little sunburned.

What about school?
I am going to be a freshman next year.

Are you nervous?
I am going to miss the first semester because we will be shooting.  So I will be homeschooled.  I will be back for the second semester, but it will be hard to adjust.

Plans for after high school?  College?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I want to be an actor but I haven’t figured it out yet.  This is my first job.  I am enjoying it.  It is fun.

Do you mind the language?
I know it is not real.  I can’t really control it, so I don’t mind as much.  It is work, I guess.

What shows do you watch?
I watch BLACKISH.  I like comedies like MODERN FAMILY.

THE DETOUR returns this fall on TBS.

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