‘Scream Queens’: ‘None Of It Makes Sense,’ Says John Stamos (Interview)

"You just have to go with a show like this one"

John Stamos in 'Scream Queens'

SCREAM QUEENS is “batsh*t” and “crazy,” says new cast member John Stamos.

The former FULL HOUSE star comes on board as Dr. Brock Holt, head surgeon of the hospital where the show’s second season takes place.

“You just have to go with a show like this one,” Stamos tells TheTVPage.com.

“None of it makes sense.  You just go in.  It is batsh*t.  They are all crazy.  It is like dropping a bunch of nutters into a hospital and going, ‘Okay, save lives — or not.’  ‘Cause, you know, people are dying every week.”

Stamos, 52, was invited to join the cast after his Fox sitcom GRANDFATHERED was canceled last season.

“I called (executive producer) Brad Falchuk back.  He was in Ireland. He said, ‘You are going to love it.  You play a doctor.  You are the recipient of the very first complete hand transplant and it is probably from the hand of a murderer!’ It’s pure gold.”

The first season of SCREAM QUEENS took place at fictional Wallace University, where a series of murders wreaked havoc on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority.

The surviving Chanels — Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin —- all return for season two, which takes place three years later at a hospital where they are all preparing to become doctors.

Taylor Lautner also joins the cast as Dr. Cassidy Cascade, an MD who becomes a suspect when a series of tragic events take place at the hospital.

Here’s a few more fun tidbits about the second season of SCREAM QUEENS:

*  The hospital was once an asylum

  • Dr. Holt’s hand once belonged to a squash player who murdered his opponent.
  • Dr. Cascade (Lautner) will become romantically involved with one of the Chanels.
  • EW reports that Jerry O’Connell will have a recurring “mystery role” on the new season.  O’Connell is married to Stamos’ ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn.

SCREAM QUEENS premieres Tuesday, September 20 on Fox.

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