Cheryl Hines: Larry David Hasn’t Called For ‘Curb’

"I haven’t had any communication with him since they announced the next season."

Cheryl HInes, Larry David in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Did Larry David ditch his former TV wife?

Cheryl Hines has not yet been invited to participate in the upcoming ninth season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

“I think I am going to be in it,” she told at a press event to promote her upcoming Fox comedy series SON OF ZORN.

“I never know until I get the phone call.  I haven’t had any communication with him since they announced the next season.  I texted with him and then when I asked him, ‘When can I expect to know when we are shooting?’ I got radio silence.”

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM follows Larry as a fictionalized version of himself — a semi-retired television producer navigating his day to day life in Los Angeles.

Hines, 50, played Larry’s wife, Cheryl David, until the on-screen couple split up during season seven.

Though the TV couple eventually divorced, Cheryl remained a popular character on subsequent seasons.

The most recent season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM aired in 2011.

Filming on season nine is expected to begin filming in the fall.

No airdate has been announced.

In SON OF ZORN, Hines plays the (live action) ex-wife of an animated warrior from a faraway island in the Pacific Ocean, who returns to Orange County, CA, to win her back and reconnect with their teenage son.

“He is the most narcissistic of my TV husbands,” the actress jokes.

“But he’s easy to work with.  I am hoping that everybody will appreciate Zorn and what is funny about him.”

“It’s just like when I stared shooting CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. I would drive home thinking, ‘I’m not sure everyone is going to appreciate Larry David and what is funny about him.’  And, of course, they do.

“There are a few here and there that say, ‘Larry makes me uncomfortable’ and I say, ‘That’s the point.’  And it is the same with Zorn.  Zorn is going to make some people uncomfortable.”

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