‘Modern Family’: A Baby For Haley?

“It is not at all unthinkable that that would happen in the course of the series.”

Sarah Hyland co-stars on 'Modern Family' (PHOTO)

MODERN FAMILY could be getting another Duphy.

Christopher Lloyd — the show’s co-creator and executive producer — says there have been several conversations about the character of Haley (Sarah Hyland) having a baby.

“We have discussed it,” he confirms exclusively to TheTVPage.com.

“It is not at all unthinkable that that would happen in the course of the series.”

“If we can find the right sort of launch pad for that, it would definitely be something we would consider.  It would be fun.”

He added:  “We have had the most fun on the show with parents dealing with the problems of kids and kids problems sort of setting off problems for the parents themselves.  So to sort of restock the pantry would not be a terrible idea.”

Lloyd cautions that much of what makes the Haley character so fun is her ability to “be out in the world doing crazy things.”  But the concedes the responsibility of having to care for a baby, would give producers even more material to work with.”

“The fear is that it looks like you are just trying to bring down the average age of the kids on the show,” he admits.

MODERN FAMILY — which interweaves the families of Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), his daughter Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), and his son Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) — returns for its eighth season on September 21.

The storyline will pick up right where it left off in May with the Dunphys in New York, Mitchell & Cam (Eric Stonestreet) in Missouri and Jay and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) headed off to Mexico.

“Our touchstone is for it to be funny but also for people to go, ‘I know that feeling,’” Lloyd says.

“It is harder and harder to find those stories, but we are doing several this year that will absolutely do that.  We have Phil (Ty Burrell) taking Luke (Nolan Gould) on a college tour and he is really looking at saying goodbye to probably his closest buddy in the house and the prospect of an empty house.

“Then we have Mitch and Claire and their dad going to a wedding and running into their mom (Shelly Long).  So we have the original family unit spending the weekend together.”

Guest stars for season eight include Nathan Fillion, in a recurring role, and Martin Short.

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