‘Last Week Tonight’: Artists Urge Politicians To Stop Using Unlicensed Music (WATCH)

“If I wanted to sing and not get paid I’d be on Spotify.”

John Oliver Talks RNC Convention on 'Last Week Tonight'
The Republican National Convention with “the most apocalyptic thing” to ever happen to Cleveland, John Oliver declared on LAST WEEK TONIGHT.

The comic spent 11 minutes of his weekly HBO series last night trying to figure out “what the f**k just happened” in C-Town.

But the best part of this week’s episode was the “We Are The World”-like music video begging political candidates to stop using copyrighted music without permission.

The clip features Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Michael Bolton, Usher, Cyndi Lauper and others.

“Don’t use our songs, ‘cuz you use it wrong,” the singers belted in unison. “It might seem appealing, but you’re just stealing. By the time this tune is through, you’ll be lucky if we don’t sue.”

The best line by far is delivered toward the end by Josh Groban: “If I wanted to sing and not get paid I’d be on Spotify.”

Check out the entire clip below.

LAST WEEK TONIGHT airs weekly on HBO.

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