‘UnREAL’: Meagan Tandy Says Upcoming Episodes Deal With ‘Race’

Meagan Tandy on Lifetime's drama UNREAL
Meagan Tandy
is promising a lot of “unexpected stuff” in the next few episodes of UNREAL.

The guilty pleasure drama about life behind the scenes of a TV dating show will explore the issue of race, she says.

In the show’s second season, the wannabe suitors are competing for the hand of an African American bachelor.

Meagan, who plays good girl contestant Chantal,opened up about the show and her character during an interview on THE LOWDOWN WITH DIANA MADISON.

Diana: “So UnReal, what can we expect in the upcoming episodes with your character?”

Meagan: “You can expect that the lovely southern debutante is going to come out of her properness. She’s definitely trying to hold it together because that’s the way she was brought up and train. If she really wants to have a shot with this guy she’s gonna have to come out of her shell”

Diana: “Anything else you can tell me?”

Meagan: “I can just say there’s a lot of unexpected stuff coming up. Especially this season with having a black suitor, they’re definitely talking about the race issue. But, they’re gonna really get into it in these next few episodes”

Diana: “What’s it like for you on this show where they’re addressing these issues especially in the atmosphere of our country. This is really putting it out there for people to see.”

Meagan: Oh they’re definitely putting it out there. I actually commend Sarah Shapiro, the executive producer for forcing the conversation. There are so many shows that just say I don’t want to do it. We’re not going talk about this. But she was actually like we’re going to talk about it and this is how we’re gonna do it.”

UNREAL airs Monday nights at 10:00 PM on Lifetime.

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