Kelly Ripa: Victim Or Entitled Diva?

"It seems that the more you get paid, the more entitled, irresponsible and unprofessional you get to be."


Kelly’s back, Michael’s out…

It’s another day of intense drama on the set of LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL.

For almost a week, much of America seems to have been siding with pretty, blonde Kelly Ripa, who reportedly takes home $20 million per year.  She was, as reported, blindsided by her co-host Michael Strahan decided to jump ship and head to a $13 million gig at GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

(This morning he gave his two weeks notice and announce a May 13 step down date.)

Kelly, it appeared was completely hosed by her bosses at Disney/ABC and not even told of the major shake up at her show until minutes before it was released to the world.  Distraught and angry, she refused to show up for work for several days.

While millions of viewed have voiced their support, New York Post columnist Kyle Smith blasted Kelly as an entitled diva.

“Kelly had only one thought — broiling magma-strength fury of the kind last seen when the Wicked Witch of the West learned someone had just dropped a house on her sister,” he wrote on Tuesday morning.

“Ripa gets paid to do five shows a week. For $20 million a year. For one-tenth of that, I’d not only do my job as agreed every day but I’d personally Turtle-Wax the CEO’s car every Saturday morning.  It seems that the more you get paid, the more entitled, irresponsible and unprofessional you get to be.”

Smith, never one to hide his true feelings, specifically tore into the hostess for her decision to not appear on the air for almost a full week.

If the New York Giants showed up for work one day and found out there’d been a sudden change involving their single most important teammate (as they did one day in 2004 to find Coach had replaced a Super Bowl-tested quarterback named Kurt Warner with an untested rookie named Eli Manning), they’d simply carry on. You would. I would.

And so would … Kelly Ripa’s bus driver dad. Ripa let slip, at the end of her scramble to re-establish her sweetie-pie brand on Tuesday, that “My dad, who was a bus driver for 30 years, thinks we’re all crazy.” A bus driver who suddenly stormed out in the middle of the work week wouldn’t “start a conversation” about anything except how quickly he should be fired.

A search is currently underway for a new co-host.  Word on the street is that talk show veteran Anderson Cooper may end up with the job.

In the meantime, the next two weeks should be a lot of fun.

What do you think of Kelly Ripa and the way she handled this situation?

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