‘The Real’: Jon Cryer Says Donald Trump Is Just Like Charlie Sheen (VIDEO)

“People like that he is willing to just say whatever foolishness comes to the top of his head.”

Jon Cryer on 'The Real'

Perhaps they should be running mates!

Jon Cryer — during a chat airing Tuesday on THE REAL — made a spot on comparison between his TWO AND A HALF MEN co-star, Charlie Sheen, and Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.

“I worked with a guy who also whenever he said whatever came to the top of his head, people loved it!” Cryer noted. “And they loved it even more when he said horrible things.

Sheen, of course, was famously fired from his hit CBS sitcom in 2011 for, among other offenses, calling TWO AND A HALF MEN creator Chuck Lorre a “contaminated little maggot.”

An official termination letter from Warner Bros. Studios said, “Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.”

In the months that followed, Sheen gave numerous rambling interviews where he spoke of “tiger blood” flowing through his body and coined his own catchphrase, “Winning!”

“So there was an interesting overlap between (them),” Cryer says. “People like that (Trump) is willing to just say whatever foolishness comes to the top of his head.”
But, the actor cautioned: “I don’t want people to pick the president based on entertainment value. I saw somebody spectacularly flame out and ruin everything that was good in their lives by doing that. And I don’t want somebody else to ruin everybody else’s lives by coming to power that way.”

THE REAL was just picked up for another two seasons and airs daily in syndication.

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