‘American Idol’: Oddsmakers Betting on La’Porsha Renae

A $100 wager on the soulful singer would net you $185

American Idol 2016: The Top 8 Contestants

La’Porsha Renae is the odds on favorite to win AMERICAN IDOL.

Online bookmakers believe the 22 year-old single mom will be crowned the show’s 15th and final champion on April 7.

They also predict that Lee Jean and Tristan McIntosh will be sent packing after tonight’s double elimination episode.

While betting on singing competitions is not legal in Vegas, many websites offer odds and take action on programs like IDOL, THE VOICE and DANCING WITH THE STARS.

Two popular online bookmakers appear to be in agreement about each contestant’s chances to win — but are offering slightly different odds.

In each case, the chances of winning are expressed as a “money line” or how much you would collect on a bet of $100.

For instance, a bet of $100 on La’Porsha would pay either $140 (+140) or $185 (+185).


 Name    BetDDS.com  BetDSI.com
La’Porsha Renae  +140 +185
Dalton Rapattoni  +240 +285
Sonika Vaid +400 +445
Trent Harmon +620 +685
Mackenzie Bourg +700 +720
Avalon Young +800 +875
Lee Jean +2000 +2620
Tristan McIntosh +2000 +2615

La’Porsha appeared to have the best performance last week, but Tristan also shined with her cover of “Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

Do the oddsmakers not like her or are they factoring in some other information?

We will find out who survives and who goes home when America’s votes are revealed tonight.

AMERICAN IDOL airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM on Fox.