‘American Idol’: Trent Harmon Booed Out Of His Family’s Restaurant

"I was going to punch him, you know?"

Trent Harmon American Idol

Trent Harmon played a lot of “crappy gigs” before landing in the top 8 of AMERICAN IDOL.

But none was worse Valentine’s night 2015 at his parents’ Amory, Mississippi steakhouse.

“I got booed out of my own restaurant,” he remembers.

Trent, 24, had just finished his set at The Longhorn Fish and Steakhouse when he was confronted by a patron who did not appreciate the performance.

“(He) stood in front of me and said, ‘Somebody you know must own this place because that is the only way you can sing in here,” the crooner remembers.

“I just sat there.  I was going to punch him, you know?  But I said, ‘You know what, man?  One day, hopefully, you will see me on TV.’  And I didn’t say anything else.  So hopefully he has seen me.”

Trent — who hopes to advance to the round of six after delivering a powerful cover of “When A Man Loves A Woman” during last week’s show — began helping out at the family business as a teenager.

“I worked my way up from dishwasher to cook and then I was a front of house waiter.  But every once in a while mom and dad would get me to play gigs in the restaurant.  That was the toughest one.”

His advice to other up-and-coming artists:  “Keep playing those crappy gigs.  Take every one of them.  Keep practicing at 2:00 in the morning and it is going to pay off.”

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