‘Real O’Neals’: Noah Galvin Shares His ‘Coming Out’ Story

“I believe that every mother knows if their child is gay at a young age, despite how much they want to surprise those feelings,”

Photo: The cast of ABC's 'The Real O'Neals'

Noah Galvin’s passion for musical theater pretty much forced him out of the closet at age 14.

“My homosexuality was evident in my love for ‘Wicked,’” says the star of ABC’s controversial new sitcom, THE REAL O’NEALS.

“If you love WICKED and you are a boy, well…you know.”

Galvin, 21, says his mom confronted him about his sexuality for months, but he was reluctant to come clean.

“I believe that every mother knows if their child is gay at a young age, despite how much they want to surprise those feelings,” he tells me.

“Finally at some point I had come out to some of my friends and I felt comfortable enough to tell her.”

“As soon as I did, she jumped up and down and said, ‘Thank God I have a best friend forever.’”

Opening up to the rest of his high school didn’t go quite as smoothly.

“I had my friends pierce my right ear and they shaved part of my head the night before,” he remembers.  “I showed up like, ‘I am here.  I am queer.  Get used to it!’”

“There was some backfire but some people were down with it and wanted to just befriend me right away.”

THE REAL O’NEALS premiering Wednesday, takes Galvin through the coming out process all over again — this time with uber-Christian TV mom Martha Plimpton.

Inspired by the real life experiences of sex columnist and executive producer Dan Savage, the half hour comedy features a “typical Catholic family” that includes a daughter who steals from her church, a priest who drives a Lexus despite his vow of poverty, parents in the midst of a divorce and a son (Galvin) struggling with how to tell the world he prefers boys.

Religious groups have slammed the show as being “anti-Christian.”  An online petition to have it removed from ABC’s schedule received 29000 signatures.

“There has obviously been controversy around this show,” Galvin concedes.

“But I think that once people watch it, they will see that it is completely relatable and completely accessible.  We are not trying to bash anybody or throw anybody under the bus.  We are just telling a coming-of-age family story.  Everybody is coming of age at different points in their lives.”

THE REAL O’NEALS airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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