‘American Idol’: Get To Know Olivia Rox

“This is intense because you are always trying to be the very best you can be"

Olivia Rox from 'American Idol'

Olivia Rox is looking more and more like a frontrunner on the final season of AMERICAN IDOL.

No surprise, really.

The 16 year-old daughter of jazz great Warren Hill and writer-producer Tamara Van Cleef has been prepping for show business fame her whole life.

She’s written over 300 songs since age 4, appeared in a self-produced children’s movie and shared her music with thousands of fans via social media.

Now the home-schooled teen is one of just ten hopefuls still standing on the final season of TV’s longest running talent show.

“This is intense because you are always trying to be the very best you can be,” she admits.

Here’s more of Olivia had to share in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com.

What happened to your dream of becoming an actor?
I don’t know if there is a lot of time for that right now. [laughs] But it is definitely still there. I love the entertainment business. I think everything about it is great. Acting and modeling and fashion… Anything in that realm. Of course, right at this very moment, I am very focused on music.

Does the business side of the music business scare you?
It kind of intrigues me because there is no formula. There is no right. There is no wrong. So it is really interesting from both the music side of it and also the music side of it. I really want to get a business degree at some point just to understand everything a tiny bit more. Luckily my parents have included me in a lot of their business affairs and in the industry and would explain it to me growing up. “This is what a contract looks like.” And that was really valuable to have that little bit of knowledge under my belt.

You always look so great. Who manages your hair and wardrobe?
Actually we just started working with the stylist on this very last round. Up until that point it had been all me and my mom and my dad kind of coming up with outfits and everything. I actually love fashion. One of my favorite things to do is to come up with outfits os design clothes. I have a sewing machine at home. I am always making stuff. It is really fun for me to come up with these outfits. My favorite color is pink. My entire bedroom is hot pink. So I feel like it was natural to have pink streaks in my hair. There was one time where I did my whole head pink and then it faded out to where just the roots were pink and it was so cool.

Tell us more about yourself…
I absolutely love animals. I have this dream that I want to have an animal sanctuary one day. And I want to involve children who have been through a hard time. They can come and stay and hopefully we can have like some cabins where they can come and relax and hopefully adopt an animal while they are there. I have big dreams. I also have a restaurant idea that I want to pursue. As you know I love fashion. I love creating things. I started writing songs when I was four years old and I play three instruments. I have an idea book where I write all my next great ideas.

That’s a lot of talent! Is there anything you suck at?
I don’t know. I am not great at jumping rope. [laughs] I am not sure what else. The thing about me is that I like to conquer things. I know that sounds strange. If I try something or if I pick up a hobby I am not going to stop until I am better at it or I have mastered it. I am not great at drawing. But I try hard.

You are 16 and very tall. That is empowering on stage, but in your day to day life, are boys intimidated by you?
It is really funny because whenever I am with kids my own age I am probably 95 percent of the time taller than them. Or as tall. But it is actually kind of fun for me to be able to reach everything on the top shelf. I know that sounds silly, but it is really great. It is also funny because a lot of the boys are shorter than me. So it probably is intimidating, I guess. But I have a very strong personality, so…

Is it any harder for you to relate to kids your age now that you are a bit of a celebrity?
Not really. I think the number one thing if you are either making a new friend or talking to someone you know, you kind of have to find something to talk about that you both relate to. If you are both tall, you can relate because of that. Or you just joke around about your own height. That is what I end up doing about 90 percent of the time. But I wouldn’t say it is a challenge. I enjoy being tall for sure.

AMERICAN IDOL airs Thursday Nights on Fox.

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