‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Two Weeks of She Said/She Said

Not everyone is as big of a fan of Erika as I am.

Erika Girardi on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

When last week’s episode of #RHOBH aired, I sent out one tweet in support of newcomer Erika Jayne/Erika Girardi.

What I quickly learned was that one tweet could turn in to hundreds and not everyone is as big of a fan of Erika as I am.

Previously, Erika told bestie Yolanda Foster that the other women (mainly Lisa Vanderpump) had denied that Yolanda’s two youngest children had Lyme Disease.

This is the same disease that Foster has been battling for about four years and has also come into question by Lisa Rinna (she claimed she heard that Yo had Munchausen’s.)

Foster, appalled her children Bella and Anwar were even being questioned, she broke out their medical records at a lunch with Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

VPump and Richards laughed it off.

The women, aside from Foster, headed to San Diego to watch Erika perform. Right after the performance, the women confronted one another about who spilled to Yolanda that there had been gossip.

Erika said nothing and that caused fans to find her fraudulent and start to dislike her. I tweeted that there was a place and a time and it was not at Erika’s big night.

I smelled jealousy via the women because Erika puts herself out there and does not give a crap.

During the tweeting, which garnered hundreds upon hundreds of tweets and endless phone alerts, Erika and Yolanda started to tweet with me, agreeing that there is a place and a time for everything.

I kept saying “let’s wait until next week and see what happens” and “children should be off-limits.” The tweets came until about an hour before last night’s airing of the show.

Time to tweet again and we started with the day after Erika’s performance. She admitted that she was the one who talked to Yolanda.

Finally, fans and the other housewives got it; maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but the point was that all they had to do was wait twelve hours and they would have gotten their answer. Away from the stage and the hot lights and sexy half naked men.

There was so much more but I must pose this question: should the person you are speaking about be present when there is questioning (Yolanda was too sick to go to San Diego) and should the women have waited until the following day to confront Erika?

Should she have had her glorious night then dealt with it. We want to know!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on Bravo.

Mandi Nowitz

Mandi Nowitz

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