‘Pretty Little Liars’: Why Jason Is The Killer

It's all about the money!

Drew Van Acker as Jason DiLaurentis in 'Pretty Little Liars'

It looked like Aria may have been the one to send Charlotte (CeCe) to her death, falling brutally from a bell tower after fighting as hard as she could.

Why Aria? Because she was the only one who actually said in court that she felt threatened by Charlotte being released from the hospital.

Aria also left Hanna’s hotel suite in the middle of the night to meet up with Ezra when CeCe was killed.

She saw someone go in to the bell tower but she left Ezra to go back to the suite and he is so torn about losing his latest love overseas that he is capable of anything. But…it was not him. So who was it?


Yes, Jason DiLaurentis, brother to Ali, Charlotte and Spencer is the one who killed his own sister. Well, originally his brother who underwent a transformation when he was sent to Radley as a young boy named Charles.

With the help of their late mother, Charles became Charlotte/CeCe and went on to torment Hanna, Emily, Aria, Spencer, Mona and even her own sister, Ali.

Why Jason?

Because he refused to come home to Rosewood for Charlotte’s trial. Furthermore, Spencer believes that a paper she wrote in college about a newlywed who fell to their death in the same way Charlotte did, set the stage for the killer.

If Jason was watching his half-sister, he has read said paper and took the idea.

Finally, there is money involved as showrunner Marlene King addressed. Whatever Charlotte had left went right to her siblings, Ali and Jason as Spencer is only related to Jason.

So, Jason stays away, makes everyone think he is done with Rosewood then secretly comes back, kills his sister and then, claims the money.

Makes sense, right?

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