‘Pretty Little Liars’: ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (Recap)

‘A dinner party with secrets, wine, Spaleb and no bottle opener.

Lucy Hale in 'Pretty Little Liars'

Ezra and Aria are keeping a secret and it involves the night that Charlotte/CeCe was thrown from the bell tower in a grizzly death, which involved an epic battle to the finish.

Aria would have been a suspect anyway and why? Because she was the only one who had the balls to say that she felt uncomfortable with CeCe being released from the hospital.

She did leave Hanna’s suite in the middle of the night to allegedly answer a call and charge her phone.

Aria cannot get other facts straight from their hotel stay since they were all so hammered and she even confused which friend puked in the bathtub.

Aria says she has to go back to work, missing too much time but they all have yet are all willing to stay to help Ali, who is questioning Aria and her eagerness to go.

Aria gets back to Boston but does not get the option to stay away very long as she works for the publishing company that works with Ezra, who wants to return his advance that he received.

Her editor does not like this news and wants to send Aria’s boyfriend and co-worker Liam to speak with him but Aria intervenes and says that she will go.

Ali can soon let go of her resentment for her friend leaving her when she needed her.

What about the A counterpart, Sara Harvey? She was at the funeral for CeCe but she has been absolved and taken off of the suspect list due to a bum hand that would have made it impossible for her to kill CeCe the way it is documented.

A dinner has been planned by Ali and it includes Caleb finally meeting Hanna’s fiancé Jordan. Spencer will be there as well and I still think that she and Caleb are hooking up (hence Spaleb) but her presence is ruining her mother’s political campaign.

Being associated with this ongoing drama and countless murders, accidents and disappearances does not bode well for the Hastings family.

Time for the dinner party and there is a lot of wine and memories but no opener or glasses. Ali looks at her friends and she knows that someone knows something. The time of death happened to be around the time that Aria left the hotel and it is as if Hanna reeks of secrets. The only option is to get the hotel footage from the night Aria left to check timelines but Hanna feels like she needs to stay out of this.

Emily is not at the dinner party but rather The Brew with her mother who still does not know that SPOILER ALERT- Emily is sick and it appears that she has cancer but has not told anyone. She does see Aria sneaking up to Ezra’s so that she can tell him that the publisher will not take back the advance and this is when she casually asks him if he killed CeCe without really asking. Because he is going to tell her…

Hanna, Spencer and Emily meet Aria at her home after viewing the hotel footage. We go back to that night and how Aria felt some remorse her anger towards CeCe; Ezra showed up. They go on a walk but find CeCe at the Church. Ezra is bitter that his girlfriend went missing overseas but CeCe is free to roam the city.

Aria took a cab back to the hotel and Ezra stayed though he claimed he went home. If he is the killer, Spencer takes responsibility for some of it as she wrote a paper about a case where a woman was shoved to her death. Thus, she believes she gave him the idea. If he did it, it was all him not her.

Emily is at her father’s grave confessing that she flunked two classes after his passing and lost her scholarship, which she never told anyone. Tears streaming down her face, she hears crunching of leaves and looks over to see Sara there. Aria is googling Ezra’s lost love while Hanna is re-watching the surveillance footage and deleting it.

Lorenzo has come to see Ali where she tells them that she thinks her friends had something to do with her sister’s murder. But someone is watching from the grave and may know more secrets than anyone.

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Mandi Nowitz

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