‘Dance Moms’: Mini Dancers, Big Drama (Recap)

‘Here Comes the Minis, Out Goes the Abby’

Abby is ditching her main dancers to work with her new mini team and the moms are pissed!

She ultimately ditches the competition as her legal troubles start to mount and she gets a call from her lawyer at start time. She requests her car and she is off but to add to that, Abby has a new team, the minis, who range from 6-10. Mackenzie was 6 when she started at ALDC but what mom would subject their child to this abuse? Oh yeah, the dance moms.

These minis are fans of the show so Abby’s harsh and bitter attitude does not faze the new moms. They just want their fifteen minutes of fame but this is not the way to do it. Of course, dance mom madness ensues between Jill and Ashlee as Brynn is learning Kendall’s solo as well to see who can work it the best.

Jill calls Brynn stupid essentially and says that she does not have a brain. Ashlee is not going to have any of this after Jill lashes out at Brynn and goes on to call Jill a bitch.

Abby is too busy with the minis to choreograph the hip-hop group routine, openly saying she has no faith in her girls. She has brought in three new boys Ryan, Blake and Kenneth and the moms are appalled but JoJo, Brynn, Kalani, Mackenzie, Kendall and Nia are over the moon.

I feel like the moms are super happy to have Rumer and Guy as the choreographers so they do not have to deal with Abby. But they also complain that the minis are taking Abby away as one of them starts to cry and wants to leave. At 6, she’s terrified of this angry woman who suddenly acts super nice to get her to stay.

Dancers are like leased cars: once the lease is up, it is on to the new ones and that is what Abby is doing. Did Abby make the right choice by bringing in a new team? We will find out soon or maybe we won’t as this week was wasted because the minis won’t be competing, just watching from the audience.

Scores: Solos- JoJo comes in 2nd for her division; Kendall places 1st for the teen division; the group places 1st but Abby was not there to see it. Maybe she is a jinx while Kendall thinks that the minis are good luck. Now the big question is: will Abby return?

Mandi Nowitz

Mandi Nowitz

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Mandi Nowitz