‘The Bachelor’: Episode 3 – ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ (Recap)

Which controversial bachelorette removed herself from the competition?

Photo: 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins, Kelley O'Hara, Alex Morgan

Lauren B and Ben drove off in the Mustang from the mansion to hop a ride on a Bi-plane with a fly-by the mansion while both the pilot and Ben executed some aerobatic moves (The pilot with the plane, Ben with Lauren).

A smooth landing arrived at a strategically placed hot tub in a remote field hashtag #tranquility and blissful kisses.

After dining and dance, Ben confided to the camera, “She is changing me. She is beautiful, but still a mystery.” Lauren confided that she’s “protective of . . . [her] heart, but genuinely trusts Ben.”

For the second one-on-one date, Jubilee, quite confident that she had no chance whatsoever, suddenly won the date card and lifted off with Ben, but not before offering her date to “anyone else” upon realizing, she’d have to face her fear of heights and leave the mansion via helicopter.

Fear of heights? A war veteran? Really?

Not surprising however, the “anyone else” comment left the remaining ladies the entire day to cultivate righteous indignation over Jubilee’s rude treatment of Ben while Jubilee and Ben enjoyed all the perks and amenities of an exclusive mountaintop spa resort.

The Group Date played out in the LA Memorial Coliseum with USA National Soccer players Alex Morgan and Kelly O’Hare teaching the girls the basics of soccer. The contest ended in overtime with the Star Team losing to the Stripe Team and numerous girls hobbling off with injured egos and bruised legs.

Here’s three things you missed last night on the Bachelor.

  • A gang mentality toe bashing (poor, poor troll-esque Olivia)
  • Jubilee (the military lass) hunted, fleeing, found and then comfort-rescued by Ben
  • Major faux pas:  Upon hearing of the tragic sudden accidental death of Ben’s close hometown friends, Olivia launchs into a defensive discourse of the anatomy of one’s “imperfect lower torso and legs.”
  • Jubilee’s Diner talk: “My entire family died in Haiti. I’m the only survivor of my bloodline.” Note: Ben found her honesty “intriguing”

In the end, Lace became self-aware and left the mansion (with as much elegance and grace as when she first arrived) to “work on” herself.

She assured Ben of his wonderfulness and the wonderfulness of the remaining women, but left embracing the motto on her tattoo, that one must love yourself in order to love others.

The Roseless Three: Lace (her choice), Shushanna and Jami.

THE BACHELOR airs Mondays on ABC.

Laurie Schildt

Laurie Schildt

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Laurie Schildt