The Dick Wolf Show No Network Wants

'Law & Order' creator has been shopping the concept for more than two decades

Photo: Dick Wolf, creator of 'Chicago Fire'

One of TV’s most powerful producers can’t get a green light for his passion project.

Dick Wolf — the creator of LAW & ORDER, CHICAGO FIRE and CHICAGO MED — says has been pitching a “human comedy” series called SCHOOL for nearly 25 years.

I have bombed out at, in total, probably nine networks over the past 25 years,” he revealed during a meeting with television writers in Los Angeles Wednesday.

“Everybody that was a network [had turned me down] and some of them two and three times.”

SCHOOL, which he now doubts will ever get made, follows a class of children from their first day of Kindergarten through high school graduation.

ABC got close about ten years ago and then went…’Nah, nobody likes school,’” he tells Fox411.

Wolf, 69, is not exactly hard up for work.

He currently has four hour-long dramas airing on NBC, including, LAW & ORDER: SVU, which is currently in its 17th season.

On Wednesday, he hinted that a fifth program — a Chicago-based legal drama — may be in the works.

“It’s a question of how that would operate and what the form would be…but there have been discussions,” Wolf shared.  “Would I like to do it? Of course.”

“This is a dream come true. To have these three shows operating this synergistically is beyond my expectations..My instinct is always to double-down but there are many masters to serve and many people have to agree.”

One possible headliner for the show could be Maureen Sebastian, who was recently introduced as Assistant District Attorney Dana Shelby on CHICAGO P.D. 

But, Wolf cautions:  We’ve had a variety of people go through as ADA…Nobody is signed. It’s not that far along yet.”

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