‘Dance Moms’: Abby Takes On Melissa (Recap)

Photo: Girls appear on Lifetime series 'Dance Moms'

Why would anyone put their child in the hands of Abby Lee Miller?

Her talking is yelling and if a mother gets under Abby’s skin, the child then pays for it, no matter how much talent she has. It is like a real Texas Cheerleader situation where moms will kiss butt in order to get where they want their children to be, even if it means extreme verbal abuse.

But on the latest episode of DANCE MOMS, Abby’s prized pet/dance mom Melissa comes to battle and anything can and will happen.

Abby’s late, disheveled and needs a teasing comb while Jill has gotten extensions and the girls seemed to have aged by like 2-3 years. Los Angeles is where dreams should come true but it is where Abby cracks under pressure.

The girls one the week before but only because another team was disqualified. It is pyramid time, something designed just for the show and on the bottom, we have Maddie (she’s filming a movie), Kalani, Mackenzie and we could get to the next person if Abby did not just start RANDOMLY YELLING SO LOUD THAT SHE JUST MUMBLED NONSENSE. Okay, it is Kendall. In the middle, we have Nia and JoJo, still wearing her bowbow with Brynn on the top.

Brynn is the filler for Maddie at the moment but the solos go to Kendall, Mackenzie and Nia. They are all competing against each other and Nia’s routine is based on Cookie aka Taraji P. Henson from EMPIRE.

Nia is always getting typecast as she has been Rosa Parks before and now Cookie. Come on.

Melissa is finally standing up for Mackenzie (six seasons in) which makes the moms super happy because she never did that before and caught so much crap for it. Time for Abby to break the news that she has recruited a new mini team, ages 6-8.

At the same time, the moms hear the news and they quickly learn that the reason Abby is so frazzled is because she has multiple lawsuits against her.

So, what has been her excuse every other week? Abby keeps flipping out on Mackenzie and Melissa is not happy about this, especially when she hears her call her daughter a “smartass.” She also compares her to Maddie but Melissa reminds everyone that they’re two different people.

The girls try to console Mackenzie and they literally say that this is how Abby is every week. At least they have the sense to know that it is not them, it is her but apparently Melissa, who has been Abby’s confidante all these years, knows a lot of secrets about the dance monster.

She lets it be known that this is not the time for Abby to mess with her. Finally! Now, Melissa just has to back up what she says and she will be validated among the moms. Jill is now the new pet mom since Melissa has a voice and Abby is not liking the new assertive Melissa but I am happy that she is instilling a tad of fear in Abby because she knows too much.

Competition time and when they all arrive, the fans have shirts on that say #FreeAbbyLee which is hilarious because she has not been convicted at all…yet.

Nia goes out on the stage and she brings it. I know that she can be considered the underdog but I have seen so much growth within her and to take on a role like Cookie must mean Abby sees something in her. At this competition, the judges get to talk to the dancers which is weird and makes me nervous.

I’m impressed by Kendall and her grace but I always think Abby will look at a negative such as a pinky toe out of place. Finally, we have Mackenzie and I think she showed Abby that she can be as good as her sister.

In the dressing room, Abby gives her critiques and she is especially hard on Mackenzie because she was told that she has soft ankles and that was like a knife to Abby.

She basically thinks that they sucked at their solos so now it is up to the group routines. Jill addresses to Abby that she should say something to the girls about her legal troubles so maybe they can understand what is going on.

Abby brushes it off and Jessalynn just says that they have to keep staying strong because they committed to LA for a long time. The group routine means nothing because Abby is already incensed but it comes close when the judges deliver their scores. So, how did the Abby Lee Dance Company fare?

Solos: 4th-Mackenzie; 3rd– Kendall; 2nd– Nia (teen division); they lost the group and there was no first place winner at all. Kendall will be doing the solo next week only because of the points system, even though they were in separate divisions.

Holly tries to console Abby and let her know that they are all in it together but then the dance monster comments that the other moms could be joining her in jail. What kind of threat is that? Abby continues her meltdown and brings in the mini team to torture.

DANCE MOMS airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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