‘The Bachelor’: Lace Steals The Show…Again (Recap)

Photo: Ben Higgins in 'The Bachelor' 2016

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… or not, but it works.

Lace again won the “Most Bleeped Award,” as she was out gamed in her own game most masterfully by Olivia. Lace’s lurking and interrupting tactic was emulated by various ladies including Jubilee’s interruption that killed Lace’s chance for a “….ing kiss” with Ben, but overall, Olivia trumped all.

Later, when things felt grim, Lace again played the emotion card and pulled out another of her fragmented personalities to play the poor-me-abandoned-on-the-school-bus-by-my brothers-lost kitten card—which ultimately won her another rose.

Note to Ben: Listen to the obvious! AKA self-determining Lace statements:

  • “I’m not crazy.”
  • “I’m acting crazy.”
  • “I’m working on one part of myself.”
  • “You think I’m crazy.”

Can we spell: R-U-N for your life!?!

To liven things up, “Ride Along 2” stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube rode around town with Ben and Cala on their date with an unforgettable interlude hot tub experience that Ben—and especially Cala—will never forget.

Over-all, most shocking was Olivia’s canyon-esque gaping mouth, which apparently is her default, “go to” reaction. However, by repeatedly, covertly stealing Ben away to woo him, Olivia successfully won the Group Rose.

She then commenced Battle for Ben, Stage 2 and began laying game down on the other ladies by cockily and repeatedly declaring “game over” and herself Mrs. Higgins.

The last big shocker: Lauren B excused herself, and did so just as Ben was about to hand her a rose at the rose ceremony.

Here’s six things you missed last night on the Bachelor.

  • Kevin Hart’s shocking exit from the hot tube
  • Cala blushing in seeing Kevin’s “exit”
  • Ben sniffing lady glands at Love Lab Technologies
  • Sam’s reaction at being labelled “sour” smelling by Ben
  • Lace taking Olivia off to confront her with so much angst pent up, we thought, “Surely there’ll be blows.”
  • Kevin Hart’s “undateable” list that included “chapped lips that can cut me,” “bumps on the back” and “high heels.” (For those who’ve slept through the 21st Century, Kev’s a mere 5’4” tall.)

The Roseless Four: Lauren B (her choice) and Sam, Mandi and Jackie

THE BACHELOR airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

Laurie Schildt

Laurie Schildt

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Laurie Schildt