‘PLL’: ‘Of Late, I Think of Rosewood’ (Recap)

The timeline advances five years as the new season begins

The girls of 'Pretty Little Liars'

When we left the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, fans finally learned who A was…

CeCe who was actually Charles who was Ali’s brother who was sent to Radley as a young boy then transitioned to Charlotte aka Cece.

Totally did not see that coming as they were looking for Ali’s long lost and possibly deceased brother Charles. The game was over — or so the liars thought — and Aria, Ali, Hanna, Spencer and Emily went on to live their lives, free from A.

Fast forward five years and they have to come back together for CeCe’s trial.

What is funny is that the show has been on for six seasons, starting with their sophomore year so the girls are finally at the ages that they are supposed to be at. No more proms or high school dances because they have left Rosewood behind.

But sometimes, it is just not that easy.

Ali is a teacher at Rosewood High School, the scene of so many A schemes and dramatic moments.

We meet Dr. Hans who has come to see Ali to alert her that CeCe’s court case is starting in four days. Her friends will be in court but they may not want to be sympathetic to the person who put them through hell and back.

She takes to writing letters which each girl is reading in her own new life.

Ezra is a published author for the company Aria works for as Hanna is on a plane and Emily is working on an island. Reunited at the Brew, it is time to take endless selfies sans a stick while gossiping about life.

Hanna is engaged to a very rich man as she works for a designer, Emily has lied about what she is up to (and popping pills), Aria is dating a man named Liam and Spencer claims she is too busy to date anyone because she is a lobbyist.

Radley has been turned into a fancy eatery/bar/hotel per Ashley and no one knows how long they are sticking around. Aria’s father Byron is asking Aria if she has seen Ezra now that she is back.

He had gone overseas, lost a girlfriend and now lives upstairs from the Brew. Of course, she goes to seek him out while Spencer’s mother announces that she is running for state Senator.

Spencer goes to see Toby who reveals that he still talks to Caleb and asks her out to dinner to which she accepts but has to meet Ali and the girls at Rosewood High. Jason will not be in attendance as he thinks CeCe should stay locked up whereas Mona will be there because she wants the story told.

Face-to-face she and Spencer come at Mrs. Hastings rally and it turns out that they are both in the political arena but then Mona reminds her of all of the nightmares and traumas that they went through.

Toby and Emily catch up and he has graduated college but Emily admits that since her dad died (he was in the military), nothing has been right for her.

Time to go to court where Spencer, Hanna and Emily say that CeCe now Charlotte poses no threat to them and Aria tries to do the same thing until Ezra walks in and that’s when she flashes back to all the bad and says that she would not feel safe with A out.

Mona gets a chance to speak and it turns out that she actually wants Charlotte released as she was in Radley as well and believes that it is a place that twists and turns who you are. Five for her release, one for her to stay locked up.

One person who stayed away from the court room was Sara Harvey and as the girls gather for a drink, at the new Radley of course, they get a text from Ali that Charlotte has been released thanks to their testimony. Despite that, they are all having fun catching up and laughing, not wanting the night to end.

Spencer is so drunk that she gets real and says that she actually thought that what they said would never matter and Charlotte would stay locked up forever. But they are still being watched but by who? I mean, this bar was a sanitarium so anyone could be relishing in their reunion that ends in Hanna’s plush suite. Plush turns to scary when Ali calls the hotel to tell Hanna that Charlotte has escaped and asks if she came to see them.

She was dropped off at home, talked to Ali for hours then in the morning, she was found dead. Possible suicide? Emily is staying by Emily’s side as she has her own secrets hiding in her bag. Can you say pill popper?

Yes, Charlotte killed herself and Caleb goes to check on Hanna per Spencer’s request. It is awkward but he and Spencer seem very close.

Time for the funeral of CeCe and who walks in? Duh, Sara and suddenly the girls are trapped in Rosewood hell once again. Mona storms out while I think something is going on with Spencer and Caleb.

As the girls are leaving the funeral, they are approached by officer Lorenzo and told not to leave as CeCe did not kill herself but was rather thrown from a bell tower.

Was it Sara? I would not be surprised but now the girls are all suspects. What you expected or even better?

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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