Juliette Lewis: Steven Avery of ‘Making A Murderer’ Was Framed

"You see that there was not good police work done in the case"

Juliette Lewis in 'Secrets and Lies'

Juliette Lewis believes Steven Avery is an innocent man!

Avery, of course, is the subject of MAKING A MURDERER — the true crime documentary that just about everyone in America seems to be talking about.

Originally jailed and then released for a crime he didn’t commit, the uneducated salvage yard worker was convicted of murdering photographer Theresa Halbach in 2005.

“I think he got framed,” Lewis tells the TVPage.com.

“I am with a lot of people on that. That is a tough thing to say. I feel like the single thing is… He was suing for $36 million and the next day gets charged with the crime. That alone is crazy!”

Lewis — the star of SECRETS AND LIES — binge watched the ten hour Netflix series over the holidays.

“It was riveting and heartbreaking,” she says.

“Here’s the thing: you see that there was not good police work done in the case. That is the long and short of it.”

The actress — who plays homicide detective Andrea Cornell on her popular ABC drama — says she is most upset by the way local authorities are seen interrogating Avery’s 16 year-old learning-challenged nephew without his mother or attorney present.

“They manipulated that child,” she says. “The worst thing was the boy. We know he was simple from the conversations he was having with his mother where he wants to get out [of jail[ and watch the wrestling match. That is all you needed to know about how that poor boy functions.”

But Lewis, 42, doesn’t believe the public should fear all law enforcement officials are shady.

“I have talked to some pretty incredible ones,” she says.

“So I have to give my respect to the law enforcement and people who are really good at their jobs and who do have to confront brutal murders and solve those crimes. There is so much of the negative.”

“My hat goes off to them. I did one ride along and watched the interrogation of a 17 year-old pregnant girl lying for her gang member boyfriend who just murdered someone. I was [about to throw up] and for them it was just another day at the office.”

SECRETS & LIES returns in 2016 on ABC.

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