Khloe Kardashian Talks Lamar Odom, New ‘Kocktails’ Show

"I hope my Khloé-comes-to-Jesus moments come across"

Khloe Kardashian, star of 'Kocktails with Khloe'

“He’s good.”

That’s about all Khloe Kardashian was willing to say about husband Lamar Odom while on the trail to promote her new FYI series COCKTAILS WITH KHLOE.

I pressed her for more, of course and here’s what K.K. had to say:

“It’s not my story to tell. I want him to tell that story. I’m proud of his strength and so grateful for everyone’s love and concern because I think it’s coming from a good place.”

Ok, fair enough.  Khloe didn’t schlep all the way out to Pasadena in the rain to talk about her NBA star hubby, who was found unconscious after a drug and booze-fueled bender in a Nevada whorehouse last November.

In fact, to look at her sitting there in front of 200 journalists (whose opinions she could probably care less about), you’d almost think that the whole embarrassing incident never happened.

But nothing really embarrasses Khloe and her klan — perhaps that’s why she’s signed on to do yet another TV show.  This time around she’ll be tossing back a few (too many?) drinks and dishing on the latest pop culture dirt with family and friends.

Wait, how exactly is this different from KUWTK???

It will be “honest,” “naughty” and “risqué” she teases.

Oh — and there will be “hidden cameras” to record all the shenanigans.

“I hope my Khloé-comes-to-Jesus moments come across,” the reality princess says.

Sounds like a must see.


COCKTAILS WITH KHLOE premieres January 20 on FYI.

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