‘The Bachelor’: Ben Higgins Meets The Ladies (Recap)

Will the software salesman from Denver finally find true love?

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Ben Higgins is ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Higgins met 28 lovely young “ladies” last night as THE BACHELOR kicked off its 20th season on ABC.

Their entrances ranged from the expected (limo, elegant evening gown and perfectly coiffed hair) to the bizarre with antics to impress leaving Ben at times tilting his head like a confused beagle.

Olivia, a news anchor, took a running, flying leap into Ben’s arms (literally). As she settled into his arms looking up at him with adoring eyes, Ben said, “This is the best first impression ever.” Apparently, struggling to balance her in his arms made the biggest and best first impression as she later won the “first impression rose.”

Mandi, the dentist, self-diagnosed saying she likes to “embrace the weird.” Boy did she, and wore a gigantic, red, paper rose atop her head. Weird enough? No, she spent her time alone with Ben literally examining his dental hygiene with dental mirror and dental pick.

Maegan, a cowgirl from Weatherford, Texas who “trail rides and drinks beer” arrived with her miniature horse Huey in tow. Tiara, a chicken enthusiast, wisely decided to leave her flock of feathered fowl at home including her “one true love”—a hen named Sheila.

The night progressed with Shushanna bringing her A-game in the form of a foreign tongue speech that poor Ben politely pretended to understand. She may have missed the obvious; Ben didn’t have close captioning.

If things weren’t weird enough, Isabella arrived in a fleece onesie. Then, a unicorn appeared in a slightly, creepy-crawling, slither-out-the-limo sort of way. Enter, Joella clad in a white and pink latex unicorn head. Perhaps regretting her choice of accessories, she wobbled towards Ben mumbling to herself that she couldn’t see where she was going.

Laura, a gorgeous red-haired beauty with style and sophistication, spoke intimately with Ben, asking him to call her Red Velvet and to “remember me.” He didn’t. She was sent home.

Breanne, the nutritionist arrived with a full breadbasket and proceeded to bash the bread into pieces on the flowerbed’s stonewall verbally condemning gluten. Breanne went home.

All said, an interesting night for all. Twin sisters Emily and Hally received mostly negative comments from the other ladies when they arrived. When two previous Bachelorette contestants, Amber and Becca, arrived with “an unfair advantage,” the clawed comments came out.

Lace, who “stole” Ben’s first kiss, realistically “gave” the first kiss, later was “put down” when she went for kiss two. Ben put the brakes on saying he wanted to get to know people first. Lace drank herself drunk and misbehaved.

The Roseless Seven? Breanne, Isabel, Jessica, Laura, Lauren R., Maegan and Tiara.

THE BACHELOR airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

Laurie Schildt

Laurie Schildt

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