Alan Thicke Had His Own Pageant Disaster In 2006 (WATCH)

...but the mixup wasn't his fault

Photo: Alan Thicke Promo 2014

Long before Steve Harvey, there was Alan Thicke.

To be fair, the GROWING PAINS wasn’t directly to blame for the chaos that went down when he correctly announced the winner of the 2006 MRS. WORLD PAGEANT in St. Petersburg, Russia.

But on Wednesday Thicke, 68, took at least some of the spotlight away from his longtime friend, who famously flubbed the finale of last weekend’s MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT.

Per Entertainment Tonight:

During the 2006 Miss World pageant in St. Petersburg, Russia, Thicke caused some confusion when he quickly read the runner-up and the winner of the competition one after the other. The actor announced that Miss Costa Rica was the runner-up and Miss Russia was the new Miss World. However, due to the language barrier and the speed in which he read off the names, Miss Costa Rica ended up being crowned.

She started celebrating with the other pageant contestants after a little girl flew down from the ceiling and gave her the crown. Like what occurred on Sunday’s Miss Universe, this celebration was short lived.

Harvey continues to be vilified on social media as reports surface that he was drinking before the live telecast and allegedly skipped out early from a final rehearsal.

Ratings for MISS UNIVERSE were down 19 percent from 2014 but organizers of the show say they will stick by the embattled comic next year.

Harvey reportedly has a 5 year deal with the show worth almost $2.5 million.

Thicke, meanwhile, continues to appear with his current wife and youngest child in the POP network reality series UNUSUALLY THICKE.

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