‘Vanderpump Rules’: Is James Kennedy The Biggest Douchebag On Reality TV?

"The way he's acting, no one's ever going to take him seriously."

PHOTO: James Kennedy of 'Vanderpump Rules'

Just when it looked like no one was worse than skirt chasing bartender Jax Taylor

VANDERPUMP RULES has given reality television yet another slimy, weird looking dudebro to hate on.

James Kennedy is the most obnoxious busser-DJ-human weasel at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood hotspot SUR.

His only redeeming quality is that he’s the estranged godson of music superstar (and seeker of anonymous bathroom sex) George Michael.

On Monday, former girlfriend — and VANDERPUMP co-star — Kristen Doute slammed Kennedy’s “bad decisions and poor choices” and told Bravo’s Daily Dish blog he is on a “self-destructive path.”

“I do think that James is a good producer and that is the only credit that I am going to give him,” she said.

“As far as a DJ is concerned, if what he does at SUR is now considered DJing — like I think Jax said it best, when he’s like running around SUR and PUMP with his headphones detached from the laptop and taking selfies with drunk girls… The way he’s acting, no one’s ever going to take him seriously.”

Even Andy Cohen can’t seem to stand the guy.

After a drunken visit to WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE last week — where he accused Jax of having herpes — Cohen named him “Jackhole of the Day” and word on the street is he won’t be invited back.

And so I ask you:  Is James Kennedy the biggest douchebag on reality TV?


1.  Look at this face. This is a very punchable face.

2.  He calls everyone, “Babe” which is just gross.

3.  He is a DJ. And not only is he a DJ, he is also on a reality show. DJ is a really douchey profession to begin with, but this guy is a DJ/Reality Star which has the synergistic effect of making him a platinum level douche.

4.  Even worse, he is a “rapper” too.

5.  He cheated and lied, but the worst part was he made me feel bad for Kristen.

6. HE SPIT ON HER DOOR!! What a strange and awful way to be an ass.

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Donald Trump.

Donald Trump appears in a promotional photo from 'The Apprentice'

What do you think of James Kennedy?  Sound off in the comments section below.

VANDERPUMP RULES airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on Bravo.

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