‘Modern Family’ Star Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Addiction

“We don't hear enough stories about cosmetic surgery from this perspective.”

Reid Ewing on 'Modern Family'

He’s the Kenny Rogers of prime time.

Reid Ewing — a star of the hit ABC sitcom MODERN FAMILY — admits he underwent a series of cosmetic surgeries a few years ago that left him depressed and almost unrecognizable.

Ewing, 26, admits in a blog post that he has long suffered from body dysmorphic disorder, a form of mental illness that causes someone to obsess over the way they look.

As a result, many of those affected end up becoming addicted to plastic surgery.

Ewing — who plays Dylan, the boyfriend of Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) — first went under the knife in 2009 after spending several months obsessing over his looks.

“I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt,” he confesses.

But, of course, the surgery went awry and he woke up “screaming my head off.”

Per the Huffington Post:

After all the swelling finally went down, the results were horrendous. The lower half of my cheeks were as hollow as a corpse’s, which, I know, is the opposite of what you’d expect, as they are called cheek implants. They would be more aptly called cheekbone implants.

I went back to the doctor several times in a frenzy, but he kept refusing to operate on me for another six months, saying I would eventually get used to the change. I couldn’t let anyone see me like this, so I stayed in complete isolation. When I went out, people on the street would stare at me, and when I visited my parents they thought I had contracted some illness.

Ewing ended up finding another “even less qualified” doctor who convinced him to get chin implants.

More procedures followed in over the next few years, including time while he was filming scenes for MODERN FAMILY.

“Gambling with your looks, paired with all the pain meds doctors load you up on, make it a highly addictive experience,” Ewing says.

“It’s a problem that is rarely taken seriously because of the public shaming of those who have had work done. The secrecy that surrounds cosmetic surgery keeps the unethical work practiced by many of these doctors from ever coming to light. I think people often choose cosmetic surgery in order to be accepted, but it usually leaves them feeling even more like an outsider.

“We don’t hear enough stories about cosmetic surgery from this perspective.”

MODERN FAMILY airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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