‘MasterChef Junior’:
Meet Avery Kyle — An Exclusive Interview

"Since I have been on the show people sort of know me, so it is sort of like I have more of a reputation to uphold"

Avery Kyle of 'MasterChef Junior'

Avery Kyle is one of 24 young home cooks competing on the fourth season of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR. (Photo: Fox)

Avery Kyle is more than your typical nine year-old girl from the bayou.

The pig-tailed fourth grader, an aspiring lawyer, brings an almost unbeatable combination of southern charm and culinary prowess to the fourth season of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR.

She may be the only contestant in the competition that can hunt a gator, cook it up like a seasoned pro and tout her own catchphrase:  “Hurricane Avery, coming through!”

“I never really thought of myself as cooking on a TV show,” she tells TheTVPage.com.

But why the heck not?

Avery — who excels at soccer, karate and, um…riding motorcycles in her spare time — is a casting director’s dream and a bonafide contender to be the show’s first female champion.

She oozes personality, pops right off the TV screen, but most importantly has the culinary chops to shine in front of the judges.


Her “Sportsman’s Paradise Burger and Jazzy Coleslaw” was a huge hit during the season’s first Mystery Box Challenge, landing her immediately in the top three.

Avery’s success so far should come as no surprise, really. Back home in Baton Rouge, “We cook a lot of crawfish, jambalaya, gumbo, and seafood,” she shares. “A lot of venison and all kinds of gator meat.”

Her signature dish:  Rosemary lamb chop with a side of potato cakes with asparagus and a red wine reduction sauce.

Avery, a straight A student, admits there are very few foods she wouldn’t eat.

“As long as it didn’t hit the ground, I am fine,” she laughs.  “I like to try new things.  One time I tried squid and I actually loved it!”

Here’s more of what Avery had to share in our exclusive interview:

You are one of the only kids on the show that can hunt and gather her own food.
In my back yard we have a crawfish net. We catch crawfish down there. A lot of times we go fishing and I have caught a lot of fish. One time I caught a fish as big as me! When I was six.

Why do you think cooking is so popular for kids today?
I think kids have sort of realized that they can do it too. It is not just the adults who can do it. Kids can also put out great dishes, too.

Was being on the show what you expected it to be like?
It was and then it really wasn’t. When I was there, I thought, “Oh, these kids, they are probably giving them an extra hour to cook because they want the show to look really good.” But when you get there you are like “What am I going to cook? What am I going to make? What is the next challenge?”

As a girl from the bayou, were you happy to get back home to Louisiana?
It was cool out there (in Los Angeles), but I was kind of gettin’ homesick.

Is there anyone you are nervous to cook for?
Well now, since I have been on the show people sort of know me, so it is sort of like I have more of a reputation to uphold. Before this whole thing happened it was like, “She’s just a kid.”

Do you ever go to McDonald’s or eat junk food?
I don’t go to McDonald’s but there are two places I will go to. One them is Caines, Starbucks.

What do you get at Starbucks?
I normally get a vanilla frappacino and a cake pop.

Do you see yourself having a career in the food business?
I actually just want to write a series of cook books. Then I want to be a lawyer.

What about opening a restaurant?
No. I want to write cookbooks right now and then I want to be a lawyer. The restaurant business is really hard.

What make you want to be a lawyer?
Number one they make lots of money. And number two I am good at working my way out of a situation.

Tell us a few more fun fact about yourself… What is your favorite subject at school?
Science or reading.

Favorite TV show?

Favorite song on the radio now?
“Kick The Dust Up” by Luke Bryan

Song you are most sick of hearing?

Three words that best describe your personality?

Funny, smart, and reliable.

If you could visit any city for a day, where would it be?
Little Rock, Arkansas. The person I really want to cook for is my Mama T, which is my great grandma. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and she is 95. That is one thing I want to do.

Have you met her?
I have met her, but we rarely get to go over there.

You have so many talents. Is there anything you can’t you do?
I wish I could fly.

MASTERCHEF JUNIOR airs Fridays at 8:00 PM on Fox.

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