Report: Jimmy Fallon Is A ‘Happy Drunk’

“Everyone in New York has a Jimmy Fallon story"

Jimmy Fallon falls down on 'The Tonight Show'

Is Jimmy Fallon a dangerous drunk spiraling out of control, or just a lovable klutz?

NBC can’t help but be a little worried as its popular late-night host tries to put his third bizarre injury in a year behind him.

Fallon’s hard partying has “gone from being a whisper to a chatter,” an inside tells the New York Post..

Though he has been a fixture in New York City pubs for years, Fallon’s heavy drinking made national headlines on October 24 when he was caught on video falling down while holding a bottle of Jaegermeister.

“I threw the bottle and then I landed on broken glass,” he told viewers of THE TONIGHT SHOW the following Monday. “There [were] pools of blood everywhere.”

The mishap in Boston came five months after Fallon allegedly tripped on a rug at his Gramercy Park home and injured his finger.

Per the New York Post:

No doubt, the star’s been an unabashed party boy since his “Saturday Night Live” days, frequenting anything-goes dives like Siberia, which was located in a subway station at West 50th Street.

“Everyone in New York has a Jimmy Fallon story,” Seth Herzog, Fallon’s friend and warm-up comic, told New York magazine in February 2014, right before Fallon ascended the “Tonight Show” throne.

“It’s always like, ‘In 2000, Jimmy threw this dude out of a bar, or poured his beer on someone, or got on a table and sang a song.’ ”

Fallon’s former “SNL” cast mate Horatio Sanz told the magazine that, back when they performed together, they “were superfunctioning alcoholics, definitely . . . They say that kind of goes hand in hand with ‘SNL,’ some kind of substance-abuse issues, because it’s so stressful, you easily find yourself blowing off steam a lot.”

No one argues with the fact that Fallon is a happy drunk.

The article says NBC brass view Fallon, 41, as “a big kid” and are (so far) not insisting he take any steps to curb his habits.

“Jimmy Fallon is a highly valued member of the NBC family who is both a tireless worker and an extraordinarily gifted performer,” the network said in a prepared statement.

“His dedication in putting on a great show each and every night is unparalleled, and that is reflected in the large amount of viewers who tune in — he frequently outrates the broadcast competition combined. We are proud of his accomplishments on and off camera and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”


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