Did Tommy Chong Get Cancer From Pot Suppositories?

Stoner comic set to host new talk show 'Almost Legal' for FOTV


Tommy Chong is hot of 'Almost Legal' on FOTV

Is Tommy Chong‘s latest bout with cancer tied to his use of medical marijuana suppositories?

The comic — and host of ALMOST LEGAL WITH TOMMY CHONG — says he was given a prescription for pot several years ago to help manage pain from cancer in his prostate.

“For a while there, I was bragging about how I had licked the prostate cancer with pot suppositories,” he remembers.

“Then next thing I know, I end up getting rectal cancer.  It was like the cancer was listening to me.”

Yes, you hear that right:  pot suppositories.

“You get a butt high, you son’t get a head high,” he jokes.

Chong, 77, immediately cracks himself up describing the process of, er, consuming the product.

“First you have to dim the lights, put on some jazz music, wear some loose clothing and get a nice supply of coconut oil,” he tells TheTVPage.com.

“Then you just apply the suppository and make it a joyful event.”

“Then next thing I know, I end up getting cancer in the very area I was treating!  Did the suppositories have anything to do with it?  I don’t know.  But I stopped doing them and now I do it orally.”

Chong is scheduled to undergo surgery later this month that he hopes will leave him cancer free for the second time.

“At least I am alive,” he says.

Chong’s procedure will coincide with the debut of ALMOST LEGAL — which he describes as “a stoner version of THE DAILY SHOW” — on October 22.

Then, apparently, it is straight back to work.

“Knowing my son, he’ll have a gig for me on the 23rd:  “Live from the hospital bed, here is Tommy Chong.”

ALMOST LEGAL WITH TOMMY CHONG can be seen online and via FOTV.

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