Tori Spelling Undergoes Lie Detector Test For New Lifetime Special

"There’s so many tabloids and it’s really hard to know what the truth is"

Tori Spelling, star of 'Celebrity Lie Detector'

Imagine Tori Spelling is connected to a lie detector machine and no question is off limits.

What would you ask?

The actress-turned-reality star is dared to reveal her deepest secrets on the upcoming Lifetime special, TORI SPELLING: CELEBRITY LIE DETECTOR.

Tori, 42, is quizzed about which of her 90210 co-stars she has slept with, how much of an inheritance she really got from her father (famed producer Aaron Spelling) and whether she was part of a telephone call about whether to fire her one-time friend Shannen Doherty.

“There’s so many tabloids and it’s really hard to know what the truth is,” he rationalizes.

“This is the only way celebrities are ever going to be able to be in an interview and be able to say something and fans know if they are 100 percent telling the truth. So I thought this would be probably my one and only chance to set the record straight.”

Check out the preview above.

TORI SPELLING: CELEBRITY LIE DETECTOR airs Saturday October 3 on Lifetime.

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