‘Raymond’ Creator Phil Rosenthal: Don’t Eat At McDonald’s

"I’d rather spend a little more and eat something fantastic"

Phil Rosenthal, the creator of 'Everybody Loves' Raymond, stars in the new PBS series, 'I'll Have What Phil's Having'

McDonalds logoEverybody loves Raymond.

But not everybody loves McDonalds.

Phil Rosenthal — creator of the popular Ray Romano sitcom and star of the new PBS food and travel series I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING  — hasn’t passed beneath the Golden Arches in more than three decades.

“I am not going there,” he tells TheTVPage.com.  “It is not very good for you to eat that.  They can make it taste good.  I am not interested.”

“Why do that when you could have a great burger?  I’d rather spend a little more and eat something fantastic that I know has been grass fed and is delicious and is actually not bad for you.”

Rosenthal, who samples cuisines from six different international cities on his new show, says he understands the need for fast food.

“But please people, don’t eat it every single day,” he urges.

“There has got to be a better way.  We need to change things in the world.  What is sadder than going to Italy and seeing a McDonald’s.  Come on!  What are we doing?”


Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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