‘Late Show’:
Protester Interrupts Interview With Uber Boss, Segment Not Shown On TV

“He was angry but he wasn’t obscene"

Stephen Colbert Travis Kalanick Uber

One of the best moments from Stephen Colbert’s third show never made it to air.

The LATE SHOW host was conducting an interview with Travis Kalanick, CEO of the controversial ride-sharing service Uber when a man seated in the balcony began shouting at him in protest.

CNN quotes audience member Kristin Condon, who said the unnamed man claimed Uber was “destroying full time professional taxi jobs.”

“He was angry but he wasn’t obscene,” Condon told the network, adding that the protester was allowed to vent his frustrations in front of the entire audience and was not asked to leave the theater.

Shockingly, the segment was cut from the broadcast.

Instead, CBS edited the segment which allowed Kalanick to offer his completely pre-packaged spin on why Uber is NOT the enemy of the taxi industry.

“My response is — let’s take New York for example — a taxi driver spends $40,000 a year renting a car.  That should be a Bentley that you are riding around in.  But instead it goes to the taxi owner who owns the license to own and operate the cab.  In the Uber world, you use your own car.  You don’t pay $40,000 to rent a vehicle.  You make more dollars per hour and it is more flexible.  You don’t have a shift. You can turn on your work when you want to and turn it off.  Want to pick up your kids from school?  Turn it off.  If you want to go hang out with some friends, turn it off.”

CBS did not respond to a request for comment.

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