‘Monica The Medium’
Meet The Penn State Student Who Talks To The Dead

"Spirits come through time and time again and I know now that there isn’t even a little sliver of doubt that I have this gift"

Monica Ten-Kate is 'Monica The Medium'

Monica Ten-Kate had strong doubts about her own sanity when she first began to communicate with the dead.

“I thought I was nuts,” she admits.  “It wasn’t just the people around me.  I thought I was absolutely insane.”

“I started thinking, ‘Am I making this up?  Am I crazy?  Where is this coming from?  Do I have a brain tumor?’”


Monica, a senior at Penn State University, began working as a spirit medium in high school.

Now 21, she is the star of her own ABC Family docu-series, MONICA THE MEDIUM.

“As you do this work — and I have done this thousands of times now — spirits come through time and time again and I know now that there isn’t even a little sliver of doubt that I have this gift,” she says.

Monica opened up more about her life and the show in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com:

Can you be clear about what you do — as opposed to a psychic or a fortune teller?
I am a spirit medium that connects with those who have crossed over to the other side or Heaven or whatever you like to call it.  What is different from me and a psychic or a fortune teller is that I am not predicting your future or who you are going to get married to.

If I come to you for help, do I tell you who I want to talk to?
It kind of depends on the situation, the client and the spirit coming through.  Every spirit communicates differently.  Some communicate more clearly than others.  I always tell people the spirit comes through for who needs it the most — not necessarily who wants it the most.  So you may really want to connect to your Uncle Fred, but he might not be coming through very strong on his own but your Aunt Bree might come through instead.  I always tell people I can’t guarantee who is going to come through or who is going to talk the most.  I kind of go through who is knocking on my door and wanting to communicate.

You are a college student at Penn State.  Will we see your classmates as your clients?
You will see me do readings for a variety of people.  There are a lot of fellow classmates or young people who live in town who get readings.  Whether it be a client that comes over to my house or a spontaneous reading when I am out shopping or at a party.

Have you had any contact with the spirit of longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno?
[laughs]  See, the thing is if you sit me down with maybe Sue Paterno, that may or may not occur.  I have clients who will say, “Can I talk to Elvis Presley?”  And I can’t just put in a collect call to Heaven and say, “Hey Elvis, come through.”  But if I was sitting with Lisa Marie, there is a good chance that he would come through.  So I have not spoken to [Paterno] but I do see 4:09 on the clock all the time, so I wonder if it is a little hello from him. But no, I have not connected to his spirit.

A lot of people find what you do hard to believe.  Will we see doubters on the show?
Yes.  But with this show it is a little different because it is an hour long show not just about my life as a medium but also about me just being a regular 21 year-old girl, going out with my girlfriends and having issues with my roommates.  There’s even dates I go on…

Is it fair to call what you do “entertainment?”
No.  There are some mediums who say on their websites “For Entertainment Purposes” because you have to legally say that.  But for me, it is not entertainment.  I even say yes the TV show is entertaining but the most real and incredibly genuine moments where I forget the cameras are around are when I am connecting with spirits.  Because whether or not this show is a success or it gets a season 2, I am still going to be a medium.  There are times where the camera is rolling and because the crew has to have their lunch at a specific time, they may cut the cameras, but I will still still give the reading because that is what comes first — helping people and giving people the messages.

Is this something you plan to pursue as a career after college?
Yeah.  I feel as if this is my life’s purpose.  I am meant to be doing this for the rest of my life.  Maybe one day when I am older I would do something else in addition to mediumship.  But I will always be a medium until the day I die.

MONICA THE MEDIUM premieres Tuesday, August 25 on ABC Family.

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