‘Truth Be Told’
What Makes Vanessa Lachey Feel Like A ‘Full Woman’

“I actually went out and started auditioning with [breast] pump in car”

Vanessa Lachey stars in 'Truth Be Told' on NBC

Lacheys:  They’s just like us!

Two days after the birth of daughter Brooklyn on January 5, Vanessa Lachey was already reading scripts and looking for her next job.

“I actually went out and started auditioning with [breast] pump in car,” she says.

“And I did because I knew I would regret missing that moment.”


Vanessa — star of TRUTH BE TOLD — tells me working in television makes her feel like more of a woman.

“In order to be a full woman, I need to be a wife.  I need to be a mother. And for me, personally, I need to have a creative outlet,” she says.

“That creative outlet for me isn’t painting and it isn’t running.  It is comedy.  I love to entertain.”

On the NBC sitcom, Lachey, 35, stars as the wife of former SAVED BY THE BELL heartthrob Mark  Paul Gosselaar.

Off screen, she is raising a family [son Camden is 2] with husband of four years, Nick Lachey.

The biggest issue in their four year marriage?  What to eat!

The conversation usually goes something like this, she says:

“I will say ‘Let’s order out.’”

“‘What do you want?’”

“‘Whatever you want.’”

“‘Just pick something!’”

“I don’t care!”

So it will be like 11 o’clock and I will be asking ‘What are you thinking for dinner?’  And he will be like, ‘Can we just eat lunch first?”

“That is probably our biggest argument every day.”

Yup — just like us!

TRUTH BE TOLD premieres October 16 on NBC.

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