‘Full House’ Movie:
Will John Stamos’ Relationship Secrets Be Exposed?

“I didn’t realize some of the women that he had dated”

John Stamos played Uncle Jesse on 'Full House'

Who knew John Stamos was such a player?

Well…apparently everyone except for Justin Gaston.

“I didn’t realize some of the women that [Stamos] had dated,” he admits.

“I tried to go through and see all them all.  It was a long list.  I am sure there were more than even the internet knows about.”

Gaston — who once romanced a teenage Miley Cyrus — won the role of Stamos/Uncle Jesse in Lifetime’s unauthorized FULL HOUSE biopic, premiering next weekend.

The project has drawn laughs and eye rolls from several of the show’s original stars.

Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky) compared it to a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketch and called Gaston’s mullet wig “hysterical.”

Dakota Guppy and Justin Gaston in 'The Unauthorized Full House Story'

Dakota Guppy (as Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner) and Justin Gaston (as John Stamos/Uncle Jesse) in ‘The Unauthorized Full House Story’

That rug, he’ll have you know, took a full hour each to put on each day!

“I thought we did a good job with the wig,” Gaston concedes.  “We did what we could.”

“It is not my favorite look, but I think it is funny.  If you look at his hair during the first season, he was rockin’ it for sure!


The actor, 27, was still in the womb when FULL HOUSE first premiered on ABC back in 1987 but insists he has seen “every episode” in reruns.

The film, he says, is intended to be a tribute to the legacy of the show.

“It’s really just a fun look and just a way to honor the characters,” he tells TheTVPage.com.

Unlike co-star Shelby Armstrong (who plays the young Candace Cameron/ DJ Tanner), Gaston did not reach out to the real-life actor whose shoes he would be stepping in to.

“If we were friends, sure I would call him up.  But if he was willing to give input and help shape and mold this character, I think it only could have helped.”

“I would imagine if I had done a great show like this, I would be flattered that someone cared enough to re-create what I had done.”

Gaston concedes there wasn’t much tension between the actors during the show’s high season run.

“I think most of the drama comes from what was going on in their personal and family lives,” he says.

THE UNAUTHORIZED FULL HOUSE MOVIE premieres August 22 on Lifetime.

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