Jay Leno On Cosby Scandal:
‘You Have To Admit What Went On’

Late night host returns to TV this fall with CNBC show

Bill Cosby guest stars on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'

Jay Leno weighed in on the ever-growing Bill Cosby rape scandal at a media gathering to promote his new CNBC reality series.

“Bill Cosby is a wonderful comedian and has always been a nice man, I feel bad about this as anybody does,” he told a group of reporters.

“But I don’t know how he comes out of it.”

The comic — who will soon return to television as host of JAY LENO’S GARAGE — said there is no way for his longtime friend to move past the scandal without first coming clean.

“I think you admit what went on,” Leno said before attacking the media for not being quicker to defend Cosby’s 40-plus accusers.

“Fifty women come forward and [the press] calls them liars, and says ‘Oh, you waited 40 years,’” he pointed out.

“Men waited 50 years to say that a priest touched them and got $7 million. How can we believe them and not the women? It seems terribly sexist to me.”

“It seems unfair and I’m surprised no one has made that analogy.”

JAY LENO’S GARAGE premieres October 7 on CNBC.

Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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