‘Rooster’ McConaughey Dishes On Brother Matthew, ‘West Texas Investors Club’

"He is a whole lot better looking than I am."

The cast of 'West Texas Investor's Club' on CNBC

Rooster McConaughey on CNBC's 'West Texas Investor's Club'

Rooster McConaughey on ‘West Texas Investors Club’

What sibling rivalry?

Mike “Rooster” McConaughey — star of CNBC’s WEST TEXAS INVESTOR’S CLUB — is quick to heap praise upon his movie star brother, Matthew.

“He is smarter than I am,” the flanel-sporting, beer-drinking Texan admits.

“And he is a whole lot better looking than I am.  Good God, he should be the one! I got the crooked teeth and the short legs.  He got all the good stuff!

“Thank God my wife thinks I am good lookin’ — but she’s got cataracts!”

Rooster, 61, is one of three venture capitalists on the SHARK TANK-like series.

He told me more about the show — and his relationship with his famous sibling — when we caught up Wednesday in Los Angeles.

You made your money in oil and gas.  Why did you decide to look for other companies to invest in?
The oil and gas business is not like it used to be.  We are infiltrated with a bunch of money hungry [people].  You got the hedge funds in there.  Everybody wants to make $100 million.  And it has kind of taken away from the common folk.  You can’t even afford the leases anymore.  Independent oil men are getting run smooth over.  So it isn’t the same world we are used to.  We thought we would venture off and try new stuff…

You invest in a lot of startup businesses on this show.  What are the best and worst investments you have ever made?
We got into an oil deal one time with some really, really credible people and it ended up being a 5 to 1, 6 to1.. It was like winning the lotto!  Picking the worst one is harder.  I have had a lot of bad ones.

Does Matthew ever ask you for investment advice?
He and I have done some deals together.  We just sold some land and did alright on it.

How did you end up up with such completely different styles and career paths and looks…
I am 16 older than him.  So, you know, I was raised in sort of a different…  The first guy sort of cuts the brush for the rest of them.  And so I stayed in the pipe business and the oil business.

Did you go college?
I went to college for a little bit.  I enlisted.  I went to Stephen F. Austin.  I was going to be a wild life conservationist.  Then I changed my mind and decided I’d be a sociologist.  Then I just decided I would be a college run-around, so I quit pretty early.

You named your son after your favorite beer.  Do you have an endorsement deal?
No I don’t.  I ought to.  I have just been drinking Miller Lite forever.  When you are out here mingling amongst people, it just makes it kinda, you know… [it makes] the tempo better.

Matthew gets paid to promote Lincolns.  Would you ever drive one?
Well sure I would.  I am hopin’ he will give me one of them leftovers or something.

You accompanied Matthew in Hollywood on Oscar night.  Did you feel out of your element?
No.  The thing about those people that I found is that when ou get them in a room and they are all together and they drop their fears, they are just as regular as we are.  They just have this fear of TMZ nailing them or whatever.

Tell me about the name Rooster…
I am goin’ to tell you a true story.  When I was a kid and I was bad, my dad would whip the shit out of me and lock me in a chicken coup.  I have a really bad tendency when I am eatin’ to peck at my food.  If you look at my neck, it is kind of like a chicken neck.

So who gave it to you?
The neighbors.  You look over and see that kid in the chicken coop all the time, that is what they call you.

Do you watch SHARK TANK?
Yes.  I like that QVC girl.  To me she has the biggest heart.  And I think she has the least amount of money out of all of them.

Midland is Bush territory…  Does he get your vote?
You know, I am going to have to listen to him.  There is so many of them.  How can you keep up?  It is like a football team.

Do you think Donald Trump could become president?
The guy does know about bringing businesses out.  At the least, he ought to be an advisor.  He has been broke.  That is why I made that statement “I might have more than him”.  The guy knows how to bail himself out.  He is a brilliant businessman.  Out of my league.  He knows how to do it.  I am not much on getting in debt.

Is your Texas persona on the show disarming or intimidating to people seeking an investment?
Both.  It might intimidate them a little bit.  But after they get to know us.  That is the reason we do these scenarios or challenges is to make a level playing field.  We are equal.  We want them to come out.

WEST TEXAS INVESTOR’S CLUB airs Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on CNBC.

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