‘The Goldbergs’: Jeff Garlin Reveals Censorship Of Underwear Scenes

“I am thrilled to not wear pants!"

Jeff Garlin as Murray in ABC's 'The Goldbergs'

Jeff Garlin in underwear on 'The Goldbergs'TMI, Jeff Garlin!

One pair of tight whites isn’t enough to get the unfiltered comic past ABC censors.

Garlin — star of  THE GOLDBERGS — says he is forced to take extra precautions to protect against any not-safe-for-prime time wardrobe malfunctions.

“When we first started doing the show I just wore a pair [of the classic white briefs],” he told a gathering of reporters Tuesday at the semi-annual Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills.

“Then the censor said, ‘I see movement’ so they added another layer.  Then she said, ‘I see shadows.’”

“Now there is a special piece that reminds me of knee pads when I played football that is over my wiener.  And she she still comes in and says “I see movements and shadows” — which I guess is a compliment.  The only way you could see shadows or movements is if you put a flashlight behind my balls!”

Garlin — who, by the way, prefers boxer shorts to briefs — says he does the sometime uncomfortable scenes “because it is my job” but then immediately drops trou when he arrives home.

“I am thrilled to not wear pants,” he says.  “I am always disappointed if there are guests.  Because then I have to keep my pants on out of respect.”

While talking up season three of THE GOLDBERGS, Garlin also gave hope to fans hoping for a return of Larry David’s semi-improved comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

“Larry is so God damn rich that he doesn’t have to do anything unless it is good,” he says.

“He doesn’t want to embarrass himself.”

I would say there is a decent chance [of another season].  Not good.  Not great.  Decent.  51 percent.”

THE GOLDBERGS returns September 23 on ABC.

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