‘Last Man Standing’
Tim Allen Endorses Kasich, Promises To ‘Drill’ Clinton

"There is nothing funnier than liberals eating liberals"

Tim Allen as Mike Baxter on 'Last Man Standing'

Tim Allen is putting his celebrity endorsement behind G.O.P. latecomer John Kasich — and promising to tear into Hillary Clinton on the new season of LAST MAN STANDING.

“We are going to drill Hillary,” the out-and-proud Republican declared Monday during a Q&A session on the set of his hit ABC sitcom.

“It will be horrible [for me] personally if Hillary continues [to be the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election], but it will be great for the story line.”

“The only thing that stops us, really, is the network.  I would dive deep into that if I could.”

It’s no secret that Allen, 62, shares many political views with on screen alter-ego Mike Baxter — an ultra conservative father to three daughters, who some have labeled a modern-day Archie Bunker.

While ratings for the Friday night comedy continue to grow, so have concerns from the Disney-owned broadcaster.

The actor — who also serves as an executive producer — admits he has gotten more than one warning to stop calling President Obama a “communist.”

Supporting the Republican agenda in left-leaning Hollywood is “very challenging,” Allen concedes.

“But there is nothing funnier than liberals eating liberals.  The writing staff is all liberal. Sometimes they will come down here and I will even go, ‘I am not going to say that.’”

Allen remains skeptical of headline hoarder Donald Trump:  “Until I see what is under that hair, I can’t really [support him],” he jokes, offering his to Ohio governor Kasich:

“I went to see him at an LA town meeting, which is usually a very liberal forum.  He talked about poor people and the underprivileged and the working poor.  It was very un-Republican.  He is a Republican that a Democrat could vote for,” Allen says.

“I think he is a practical guy.  He wants to help poor people that need help.  Republicans don’t say that enough.  Democrats and liberals are very good at formulating a message.  Republicans are not very good at that.”

LAST MAN STANDING returns Friday, September 25 on ABC.

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