‘Job Or No Job’: Career Expert Blames Parents, Reality TV For Millennials’ Job Challenges

"[They] made the kids feel like they were extra special...and that they could leapfrog over everyone else"

Career coach Jane Buckingham on 'Job or No Job'


Reality TV shows — especially ones that glamorize overnight success — are at least partly to blame for the challenges Millennials face getting a job, one expert says.

“We live in a world where many people have gotten fame and fortune and to the top of the ladder without having to go the traditional route,” notes Jane Buckingham, a career and lifestyle coach featured on ABC Family’s new reality series, JOB OR NO JOB.

Essentially, she argues, the current crop of young job seekers expect to walk right into a corner office the day after graduation — if they bother to get a diploma at all.

“Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg or THE BACHELOR or the head of Snap Chat, we only see the success stories,” Buckingham points out.

“We don’t see the millions of failures and startups that didn’t work.”

Buckingham also blames schools, the media and, of course, parents who have coddled their children — though with the best of intentions.

“They wanted to make their kids feel special,” she says.

“They wanted to make them feel passionate.  They wanted to give them all the best opportunities.  Yet what happened was it made the kids feel like they were extra special, they deserve the best of everything and that they could leapfrog over everyone else.

“I think that overall they end up very badly prepared for the job situation.”

On each episode of JOB OR NO JOB, Buckingham — author of THE MODERN GIRLS GUIDE TO LIFE —coaches a new young applicant as s/he interviews with three different companies.

“What we are finding is that in today’s environment it is just so hard,” she tells TheTVPage.com.

“Either people don’t have the right connections or the right interview skills or they are just making mistakes with their resumes.”

In one case, an applicant left her resume at home.

“There were moments when I would be watching the interview and I am like a crazy person,” Jane admits.

“I want to scream at the monitor and go ‘Are you kidding me?  Did you really say that?’ Or ‘You really forgot your resume.’  You do want to smack them.  But on the other hand you also just want to hug them because you feel so badly for them.  They are trying so hard.”

JOB OR NO JOB premieres August 5 on ABC Family.

Sean Daly

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