‘Full House’ Star:
Lifetime Biopic Is Like A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoof

“The bad wig on the guy playing John [Stamos]… It is just hilarious”

A scene from 'The Unauthorized Full House Story'
Stars of the classic sitcom FULL HOUSE are mocking early previews of an unauthorized TV biopic set to premiere later this summer.

“We just think it is so funny,” actress Lori Laughlin admits.  “Have you seen it?  It is like a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE spoof.”

“The bad wig on the guy playing John [Stamos]… It is just hilarious.”

The first clip from THE UNAUTHORIZED FULL HOUSE STORY was released yesterday.

It features a scene in which fake versions of Stamos (Justin Gaston) and Dave Coulier (Justin Mader) are complaining to directors about working with their youngest co-stars.

Bob Saget (Garret Brawith) then suggests they be replaced by strippers, turning to 9-year-old Jodie Sweetin (Jordyn Olson) and joking, “Hopefully a career path you will never have to follow.”

“I think I will watch it for a good laugh,” Laughlin — who played Aunt Becky on the beloved comedy — says.

Longtime co-star Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) admits she, too, is curious to see what writers and producers have cooked up.

“If I happen to be home and it is on, I will probably flip it on,” she says.  “I don’t know what story they are telling except that we all love each other.  It doesn’t make for very good TV.”

Cameron Bure tells me that she recently received an unexpected visit from Shelby Armstrong, the young actress portraying her in the film.

“She came to the set of my christmas movie we were filming in Vancouver,” Cameron Bure recalls.

“She actually saw me and burst into tears.”

“She had already shot the movie, but she was just sort of overwhelmed at meeting me which was so sweet.  I think it was her first job ever.”

Laughlin and Cameron Bure recently reunited with many of their former cast mates for the Netflix-bound spinoff, FULLER HOUSE due in early 2016.

“It is definitely going to have the same tone as the original show,” Cameron Bure insists.

“The fans won’t be disappointed. It is set in modern day, but we are not going to deal with super heavy or super edgy things on the show.  It is still going to have a light comedy family flair to it.”So far Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the only principal actors to not make an appearance.

“I don’t know if they are in or they are out,” Cameron Bure admits.

“We would love if one of them would be on the show.”

THE UNAUTHORIZED FULL HOUSE STORY premieres August 22 on Lifetime.
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