Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman:
Why I Support Hillary Clinton, Release of Prisoners

"We, as men, have run the country for many years. We have kind of got it screwed up.”

Duane 'Dog' Chapman

TV Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman wants non-violent criminals out of prison and Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“Prison is for the violent [criminals] — not for the non-violent or someone who is maybe not educated enough and won’t commit the crime again,” the star of CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt” says.

“If it is non-violent, it means that people made mistakes.  We are spending so much money on them and we have no room for the killers!”

Chapman — who spent 18 months behind bars in the late 1970s — says he supports President Obama’s desire to ease federal sentencing guidelines and believes many drug-related offenses would be better addressed with education and rehabilitation.

“I have arrested so many drug addicts that have come to me said, ‘Dog, I don’t want to do it. It is something inside me,’” he argues.

“Now what if his parents were addicts and it is in his DNA?  Well it is.  I have arrested third generation drug addicts!”

Chapman — once a proud Republican — also appears to be rethinking his political views.

“If there is an in-between [Democrat and Republican] I am that,” he says.

“Some democratic ideas are terrific.  Some are not.  You gotta be honest in the world today.”

Chapman — who is unable to vote due to a 1976 felony conviction — says he would likely support Clinton’s bid for president.

“Clinton is very good at foreign affairs.  We, as men, have run the country for many years.  We have kind of got it screwed up.”

“I know that a woman is doing a great job in England.  Maybe it is time to give [the presidency] to a woman and see what she can do.”

For the third season of his reality series, Chapman will be sharing the spotlight with another woman he admires:  daughter Cecily Chapman, 22.

“[Bounty hunting] is in her blood,” he says.  “Some of these guys I try to train, I tell them, ‘You need to try to apply for a job at K-mart.  But to see her…she is really good!”

DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT airs Saturdays on CMT.

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