‘The Voice’: Singer Claims Singing Competition Is ‘Pre-Cast’

"They wanted me to perform 'modern pop' songs but in my style, at the piano"

Promotional photo of Low Cut Connie

Say it isn’t so!

A popular Philadelphia-based singer is making accusations that one of TV’s most popular competitions is, essentially, rigged.

Adam Weiner, frontman for the group Low Cut Connie says he was aggressively recruited by producers to appear on the upcoming 9th season of NBC‘s THE VOICE.

On Monday, he posted a message to fans on his band’s Facebook page explaining his decision to politely decline.

“I’ve been waiting a couple months to tell people this…and this will probably seem very confusing to some people, especially those that love TV talent shows…but a couple months ago the TV show ‘The Voice’ contacted our agent and said they wanted to cast me…they checked out various Low Cut Connie videos and they wanted to have me as a contestant on the new season. I spoke to them a couple times, and they told me that they had seen everything they needed to see, no need to audition, and that I simply needed to get to L.A. in about ten days time to shoot for a month or more, depending on how far I got in the contest. I really thought it was a joke but after many conversations it became very clear that they were serious. ‘The Voice’ is entirely ‘pre-cast’ and they had an opening they wanted to fill with me. I guess they really wanted that classic ‘big-nosed, greasy looking, Fonzie piano-player type.’ They wanted me to perform ‘modern pop’ songs but in my style, at the piano…but also be open to other duets, group performances, sharing sessions, vocal coaching from the musical genius that is Blake Shelton etc. etc. I would have had to cancel some Connie shows and clear my life for this fall in the hopes of that ONE shot to impress Adam Levine, the famous acne-survivor. Anyway, long story short…I said NO.”

Hmmm… This is not the first time a reality series has been accused of being, let’s say, manipulated.  But Weiner’s story — if it proves to be true — would certainly be a blow to the show’s credibility.

His posting seems to indicate that producers guaranteed he would advance in the competition and be selected to  Team Blake.

Wiener dug the dagger in deeper yesterday in an interview with PhilyMag.com, adding:  “Keep in mind that none of the people who have won that show have had any real career after, and they sign these horrible contracts in terms of what they can record, how they can bill themselves. That’s a mistake I may have made when I was 21, but not now that I’m 35.”

Low Cut Connie is currently on tour.

THE VOICE returns this fall on NBC.


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