‘Knock Knock Live’: Kellie Pickler Talks New Fox Game Show, End Of ‘American Idol’

“My job is to hopefully knock on the right door and hopefully they answer"

Country singer Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler is equal parts excited and nervous to knock on the doors of complete strangers as part of a new Fox network game show.

Kellie — a finalist from AMERICAN IDOL and winner of DANCING WITH THE STARS — is one of four celebrity co-hosts of KNOCK KNOCK LIVE, premiering tonight.

“This whole thing being [broadcast] live is a little scary,” she confessed during a media teleconference yesterday.  “But I think that makes it more exciting.”

“My job is to hopefully knock on the right door and hopefully they answer.  If they don’t I might have to go and knock on someone else’s door and give them the prize.”

Showing up at an empty home is one of the easier problems Kelli and the show’s producers could find themselves faced with.

What happens, for example, if a camera crew arrives at someone’s home in the middle of a domestic dispute — or even a family wake?

“I had never thought about that,” she admits.  “Holy heavens!”

“I am just going to hope for the best.  Maybe I should do one of those things where I knock on the door and I run and hide and wait for them to come out to see if they are normal?  Then I will come out of the bushes.”

Promos for the series show Ryan Seacrest ringing doorbells in and greeting unsuspecting residents as if he were a modern day Ed McMahon.

In reality, it will be Kellie — and co-hosts Adrienne Bailon, Ross Mathews, Jordan “Shorty” Johnson and Chuey Martinez — who will travel from city to city.

Ryan will be hosting the hour-long event from a soundstage in Los Angeles.

KNOCK KNOCK LIVE marks the third time Kellie and Ryan have teamed up on TV.

He serves as executive producer of her upcoming CMT reality series I LOVE KELLI PICKLER.

The pair also shared the stage when Kelli competed during season 5 of AMERICAN IDOL.

“IDOL was the rocket that really launched my career,” she says of the singing competition which will end its run in April after 15 seasons.

“It is what introduced me to the world — and introduced the world to me.”

“[The show ending] is bittersweet.  I hope they will have a big AMERICAN IDOL family reunion and have all of us back to share the stage together one last time.  I think that would be a special moment.”

KNOCK KNOCK LIVE airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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