‘OITNB’: Catherine Curtin Wants To Create Drama Programs For Prisoners

"There are creative people behind bars who could do good and give back in a way that is positive to society"

Catherine Curtin on 'Orange Is The new Black'

Catherine Curtin wants to bring more drama to prison.

In a good way.

“Art has saved my life,” the star of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK admits.

“I lost my dad when I was 17 from cancer.  I was very lost after that.  I was very troubled as a teenager and art really saved me.  So I know the power of art to save the human spirit.”

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Curtin — who plays corrections officer Wanda Bell on the Netflix prison series — says one of her “bucket list” items is to use dramatic arts to help rehabilitate real-life inmates.

“I want to put a drama program in prisons,” she tells TheTVPage.com.

“I think that art has an incredibly powerful influence on people.  In order for them to see their own lives and feel their own lives.  I think drama therapy is very important.”

“I think one thing art does is it enables people to become more functional emotionally.  There are creative people behind bars who could do good and give back in a way that is positive to society.”

Curtin — currently starring in CONSENT at New York’s Black Box Theater — also believes it is time for America to re-evaluate its prison system.

“We incarcerate more human beings than any other first world nation,” she says.

“We incarcerate more women.  And not all of these people are murderers.  Not all of these people are rapists.  Not all of them are violent offenders.”

“Some of them made big mistakes and they know they made big mistakes and I think that is a lot of what ORANGE is taking about.  There are souls in prison that are being warehoused and actually they could be viable members of society.”

“And is this really the best way to go about choosing our society, healthy and strong and moving forward?  That is my question and that is really my interest in the prison system in the united states.  And I think that is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds.”

“Part of the popularity of ORANGE is that it is opening up a door that we need to look at.”

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is currently streaming on Netflix.

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